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29 August 2003 Erpodium glaziovii (Erpodiaceae, Bryopsida) and further novelties from the Arabian Peninsula
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Based on a recent bryophyte collection from the hitherto botanically neglected Al-Mahra Governorate in Yemen, the rare neotropical Erpodium glaziovii (Erpodiaceae) as well as Cololejeunea minutissima subsp. minutissima and the pantropical Lopholejeunea nigricans (Lejeuneaceae) are reported for the first time from the Arabian Peninsula. They are an important element of the epiphytic bryophyte flora in the monsoon-affected, endemic S Arabian Anogeissus dhofarica woodland and confirm the repeatedly demonstrated xerotropical character of this part of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Harald Kürschner and Ryszard Ochyra "Erpodium glaziovii (Erpodiaceae, Bryopsida) and further novelties from the Arabian Peninsula," Willdenowia 33(1), 205-210, (29 August 2003).
Published: 29 August 2003

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