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1 December 2009 Brachycyphon, A Neglected Genus of Afrotropical Scirtidae (Coleoptera)
Rafał Ruta
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Brachycyphon anthracinus Fairmaire, the type species of Brachycyphon Fairmaire is redescribed, its lectotype is designated. The genus Brachycyphon Fairmaire is compared with other Cyphon-like scirtid genera, a differential diagnosis and an identification key is provided. The following afrotropical taxa are transferred to Brachycyphon: Cyphon alberti Pic, Cyphon alexandri Pic, Cyphon atriceps Pic, Cyphon atricolor Pic, Cyphon atrofasciatus Pic, Cyphon atrovittatus Pic, Cyphon aymerichi Pic, Cyphon aymerichi tananarivanus Pic, Cyphon fairmairei Pic, Cyphon fasciatosinuatus Pic, Cyphon fuscopictus Fairmaire, Cyphon gerardi Pic, Cyphon gerardi basilewskyi Pic, Cyphon gerardi insuturalifer Pic, Cyphon grandenotatus Pic, Cyphon humerosus Fairmaire, Cyphon jeanneli Pic, Cyphon jeanneli innotaticollis Pic, Cyphon kijabensis Pic, Cyphon luteosignatus Pic, Cyphon oblongulus Fairmaire, Cyphon ovatulus Fairmaire, Cyphon plurisignatum Pic, Cyphon uviranus Pic, Cyphon villiersi Pic, Cyphon villiersi insignatus Pic, Elodes clemenceaui Pic, Elodes lloydi Pic, Elodes petaini Pic, Scirtes lippensi Pic, Scirtes seminiger Pic. Cyphon mimodiversicolor rutovuensis Pic and Cyphon mimodiversicolor semimarginatum Pic are elevated to species level and transferred to Brachycyphon. Brachycyphon afrosuturalis nom. nov. is proposed for Cyphon suturalis Pic, 1952 (nec Cyphon suturalis Tournier, 1868). Cyphon leoni Klausnitzer, 1974 is a new objective synonym of Cyphon fairmairei Pic, 1913. A catalogue of Brachycyphon is included.

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Rafał Ruta "Brachycyphon, A Neglected Genus of Afrotropical Scirtidae (Coleoptera)," Annales Zoologici 59(4), 621-628, (1 December 2009).
Received: 3 September 2009; Accepted: 1 October 2009; Published: 1 December 2009
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