1 September 2015 Catalogue of Biphyllidae (Coleoptera) of the World
Piotr Węgrzynowicz
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A catalogue of all known species of the family Biphyllidae is presented. All described extant and fossil species have been included, with synonyms, taxonomic notes, bionomy and distribution. Two new synonyms are proposed: Diphyllus lunatus var. inornatus Reitter, 1888 syn. nov. of Dermestes lunata Fabricius, 1787, and Thallestus typhaeoides var. obscuricollis Wollaston, 1865 syn. nov. of Thallestus typhaeoides Wollaston, 1862. Twenty three new combinations are proposed: Biphyllus alluaudi (Grouvelle, 1906), B. bolivari (Grouvelle, 1905), B. brunnescens (Reitter, 1877), B. canaliculatus (Grouvelle, 1906), B. concolor (Grouvelle, 1906), B. convexus (Reitter, 1878), B. dohrni (Reitter, 1877), B. escalerae (Grouvelle, 1905), B. histrio (Grouvelle, 1906), B. liliputanus (Reitter, 1877), B. maculatus (Grouvelle, 1906), B. madagascariensis (Fairmaire, 1898), B. magnus (Grouvelle, 1906), B. minimus (Grouvelle, 1905), B. obscurus (Reitter, 1877), B. parvulus (Grouvelle, 1906), B. sicardi (Grouvelle, 1906), B. sordidus (Grouvelle, 1906), B. subfasciatus (Reitter, 1878), B. undulatus (Grouvelle, 1906), B. v-notatus (Grouvelle, 1906), B. variegatus (Grouvelle, 1906), and B. wollastoni (Reitter, 1878). All above-mentioned species are being transferred from Diphyllus Berthold, 1827, which is an unjustified emendation of the name Biphyllus. Type species for three genera are designated: Anobocoelus championi Sharp, 1902 for Anobocoelus Sharp, 1902; Gonicoelus unicornis Sharp, 1900: 605 for Gonicoelus Sharp, 1900: 604; and Euderopus regularis Sharp, 1900 for Euderopus Sharp, 1900.

Piotr Węgrzynowicz "Catalogue of Biphyllidae (Coleoptera) of the World," Annales Zoologici 65(3), 409-471, (1 September 2015). https://doi.org/10.3161/00034541ANZ2015.65.3.002
Received: 12 April 2015; Accepted: 26 August 2015; Published: 1 September 2015
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