We are pleased to present to you this new issue of our Newsletter! Edentata 15 includes six full articles, one short communication, a field note, and a case report on a wide range of topics related to the conservation of xenarthrans. This issue contains several articles on Myrmecophaga tridactyla, ranging from its distribution in Honduras and in Paraná, Brazil, to a description of leafcutter ant consumption by giant anteaters and the hematology of captive individuals in Argentina. It also includes descriptions of the behavior of Euphractus sexcinctus and M. tridactyla, as well as a report on the II Colombian symposium on anteaters, sloths and armadillos, which was held during the IV Colombian Zoology Congress in Cartagena de Indias and attracted the attention of over 80 participants. The first case report ever published in Edentata describes the medical intervention and rehabilitation of a Tamandua mexicana with traumatic head injury. And don't miss the special contribution by Sergio Vizcaíno and Susana Bargo, which addresses the importance of protecting extant xenarthrans from a paleontological point of view.

In our News section you will find several exciting announcements of action plans and new publications on xenarthrans, as well as short overviews of the International Sloth Day and the Tamandua Day. Please support the latest initiative of the Pangolin, Aardvark and Xenarthra Taxon Advisory Group (PAX TAG) of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), which has produced a poster that addresses the serious issue of tamanduas in the pet trade. Additional information about this campaign can be found in the News section.

Please note that we have updated our Instructions to Authors. You will find the new versions in English, Spanish and Portuguese on the Edentata website. Many thanks to Alessandra Bertassoni for her invaluable help with the Portuguese version of our Instructions to Authors!

Last, but not least, we would like to extend warm thanks to all anonymous reviewers, as well as the San Antonio Zoological Society for the generous financial support!

Mariella Superina

Editor in Chief

Nadia Moraes-Barros


Agustín M. Abba


"Letter from the Editors," Edentata 15(2014), (1 December 2014). https://doi.org/10.5537/020.015.0103
Published: 1 December 2014
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