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31 December 2021 A Taxonomic Synopsis of Cordiaceae and Heliotropiaceae (Boraginales) from Uruguay
José Iranildo Miranda De Melo, Diego Daltro Vieira
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The present study provides a taxonomic synopsis of Cordiaceae and Heliotropiaceae (Boraginales) for Uruguay. In order to gain full comprehension of the Uruguayan species in these groups, we examined collections at MVFA, MVJB and MVM, CTES, and SI, consulted virtual collections at F, K, NL-L, NL-U, and P, and studied the online collections hosted by the Herbário Virtual da Flora e dos Fungos-Reflora. We accept 19 species, six of which belong to Cordiaceae (Cordia and Varronia, each with three species) and 13 to Heliotropiaceae (Euploca with four species, Heliotropium with seven species, and Myriopus with two species). Euploca filiformis and E. krapovickasii are recorded for the first time for Uruguay. We provide identification keys for the recognition of each family and their species, a list of selected specimens, and comments on the morphology, distribution and phenology of each species.

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José Iranildo Miranda De Melo and Diego Daltro Vieira "A Taxonomic Synopsis of Cordiaceae and Heliotropiaceae (Boraginales) from Uruguay," Harvard Papers in Botany 26(2), 433-442, (31 December 2021).
Published: 31 December 2021
South America
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