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1 January 2014 CORRIGENDA

Correction of Smith, S. and Medeiros, K., 2013. Manipulation of water levels to facilitate vegetation change in a coastal lagoon undergoing partial tidal restoration (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) Journal of Coastal Research, 29(6A), 93–99.

The incorrect date was given for the online Pre-print. The online Pre-print was posted on 26 July 2012. Table 5 was omitted from the article. The complete table is below:

Correction of Dunn, R.J.K.; Lemckert, C.J.; Teasdale, P.R., and Welsh, D.T., 2013. Macroinfauna dynamics and sediment parameters of a subtropical estuarine lake—Coombabah Lake (Southern Moreton Bay, Australia). Journal of Coastal Research, 29(6A), 156–167.

The following sentence was omitted from the Acknowledgments for this article:

This work was supported by the Urban Wetlands project of the Cooperative Research Council for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management and a grant from the Australian Research Council's Discovery Projects funding scheme (project number DP0559935).

Correction of Kolerski, T.; Shen, H.T., and Kioka, S., 2013. A numerical model study on ice boom in a coastal lake. Journal of Coastal Research, 29(6A), 177–186.

Several figures were mistakenly identified as being available in color online. No color figures are available for this article.

Allen Press apologizes for these errors.

Table 5. 

Average dissimilarity values (distance in ordinal space) as determined by SIMPER (similarity/distance percentages) analysis for the top five species exhibiting the most change between years. The difference represents. F denotes freshwater species, B denotes brackish water tolerant, S denotes salt water tolerant, X denotes exotic species, N denotes native species.

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Published: 1 January 2014

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