Journal of Vertebrate Biology
Utilization of cultivated fruits by Japanese martens and red foxes in a snowy environment: a comparison of feeding habits between rural and forest landscapes
VOL. 71 | NO. 22028
July 2022
Detectability of birds under different sampling efforts and during the breeding season: a case study from Central Europe
VOL. 71 | NO. 22027
July 2022
Osteological description of Indian lepidophagous catfish Pachypterus khavalchor (Siluriformes: Horabagridae) from the Western Ghats of India
VOL. 71 | NO. 22021
July 2022
Patterns of spatial distribution and diel activity in carnivore guilds (Carnivora)
VOL. 71 | NO. 22018
July 2022
Behavioural responses of grey herons Ardea cinerea and great egrets Ardea alba to human-caused disturbance
VOL. 71 | NO. 22026
June 2022
Socio-environmental changes and rodent populations in lowland agroecosystems of the lower delta of the River Senegal, West Africa: results of observations over a decade, 2008-2019
VOL. 71 | NO. 22015
June 2022
A review of spotted hyaena population estimates highlights the need for greater utilisation of spatial capture-recapture methods
VOL. 71 | NO. 22017
May 2022
Lion-tailed macaques show a stable direction and reinforcement of hand preference in simple reaching tasks over several years
VOL. 71 | NO. 21076
May 2022
Methodology for intravital mitotic chromosome preparation from regenerated tissue derived from the tail tips of tadpoles
VOL. 71 | NO. 22010
April 2022
Finding of hybrid African catfish “Clariobranchus” in the River Danube
VOL. 71 | NO. 22008
April 2022
First confirmed record of a woolly flying squirrel (Eupetaurus sp.) in Bhutan
VOL. 71 | NO. 22007
April 2022
Histology of major organ systems of Nothobranchius fishes: short-lived model species
VOL. 71 | NO. 21074
February 2022
Importance of anthropogenic winter roosts for endangered hibernating bats
VOL. 71 | NO. 21071
January 2022
Two new species of Tanichthys (Teleostei: Cypriniformes) from China
VOL. 71 | NO. 21067
January 2022
Seasonal differences in escape behaviour in the urban hooded crow, Corvus cornix
VOL. 71 | NO. 21066
January 2022
Food habits of the Eurasian lynx Lynx lynx in southeast Poland
VOL. 71 | NO. 21061
January 2022
Reactions of breeding common swifts (Apus apus) to explosions
VOL. 71 | NO. 21060
January 2022
Different songflight calls of Pipistrellus kuhlii and Pipistrellus lepidus (Vespertilionidae, Chiroptera) in Europe
VOL. 71 | NO. 21058
January 2022
Assessing the efficiency of using passive hair traps as a method for non-invasive sampling from European beavers (Castor fiber L.)
VOL. 71 | NO. 21053
January 2022
Mitochondrial and karyotypic evidence reveals a lack of support for the genus Nasuella (Procyonidae, Carnivora)
VOL. 71 | NO. 21040
January 2022
Occurrence and diversity of anaerobic gut fungi in wild forest elephants and buffaloes inhabiting two separated forest ecosystems in Central West Africa
VOL. 71 | NO. 21033
January 2022
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