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1 January 1998 Hematozoa in the Endangered Wood Stork from Georgia
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Thin blood smears of 75 wood storks (Mycteria americana) from Georgia (USA) were made during the summers of 1994–96 and examined for blood parasites. Haemoproteus crnmenium was found in one of 71 juveniles and in two adults from a sample of two subadults and two adults. Intensity of infection in the juvenile and in each of the two adults was 11, 3, and 2 parasites/5,000 erythrocytes, respectively. This is the first record of H. crumenium in the wood stork from Georgia and the second published record of H. crumenium infecting this host in North America. Additionally, one juvenile was infected with a microfilarid.

Fedynich, Bryan, and Harris: Hematozoa in the Endangered Wood Stork from Georgia
Alan M. Fedynich, Lawrence A. Bryan Jr., and Michael J. Harris "Hematozoa in the Endangered Wood Stork from Georgia," Journal of Wildlife Diseases 34(1), 165-167, (1 January 1998).
Received: 9 May 1997; Published: 1 January 1998

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