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1 January 1999 Trichinella sp. in Wolves from Interior Alaska
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Tongue samples were collected from 148 wolf (Canis lupus) carcasses during 1993 and 1994 near Fairbanks (Alaska, USA). A standard peptic digestion procedure was used to detect Trichinella sp. larvae. Larvae were found in 54 of 148 (36%) samples. There was no significant difference in sex-specific prevalence. Prevalence was significantly related to age. There was no relationship between the number of larvae/g of host tissue and the age or sex of the host. Trichinella spp. infection may cause illness in individual wolves. However, there was no indication the parasite had any impact on the population.

Zarnke, Worley, Ver Hoef, and McNay: Trichinella sp. in Wolves from Interior Alaska
Randall L. Zarnke, David E. Worley, Jay M. Ver Hoef, and Mark E. McNay "Trichinella sp. in Wolves from Interior Alaska," Journal of Wildlife Diseases 35(1), 94-97, (1 January 1999).
Received: 19 May 1997; Published: 1 January 1999

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