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1 October 2000 Elaeophorosis in Red Deer from Spain
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Elaeophorosis, caused by Elaeophora elaphi, was observed in red deer (Cervus elaphus) from Toledo Province (Spain) for the first time. Adult specimens of Elaeophora elaphi were found in the hepatic vessels of nine of 151 red deer between October 1994 and September 1995; intensity of infection was two to 18 nematodes per host. Adult nematodes were only found during the period from fall through early spring. No differences were present between sex or age groups. Parasites were not found in a limited sample from fallow deer (Dama dama). Blood samples were negative for the presence of microfilariae.

Santín-Durán, Alunda, San Miguel, Hoberg, and de la Fuente: Elaeophorosis in Red Deer from Spain
M. Santín-Durán, J. M. Alunda, J. M. San Miguel, E. P. Hoberg, and C. de la Fuente "Elaeophorosis in Red Deer from Spain," Journal of Wildlife Diseases 36(4), 779-782, (1 October 2000).
Received: 1 July 1999; Published: 1 October 2000

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