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On behalf of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine Editorial Board, we welcome our newest Associate Editors:

Maya S. Kummrow, Dr. med. vet., Dipl. A.C.Z.M. (Reproduction/Nutrition/Pathology/Anesthesiology)

Dr. Maya Kummrow graduated from The University of Zurich, Switzerland, and completed a PhD about feline coronavirus infections in cats at the Clinical Laboratory, University of Zurich, Switzerland. She completed an internship in Wildlife Medicine and Surgery at Tufts University (Massachusetts, USA) and a residency in Zoo Medicine and Pathology at the University of Guelph and the Toronto Zoo, (Canada). Several externships, workshops, and field projects in the United Arab Emirates, North America, and Europe added to her professional experience. In 2011, she attained A.C.Z.M. diplomate status. Dr. Maya Kummrow is currently the head veterinarian and curator of reptiles and invertebrates at the Hanover Zoo, Germany.

Rachel E. Marschang, Dr. med. vet., Dipl. E.C.Z.M. (Reptiles/Amphibians/Infectious Diseases/Virology)

Dr. Rachel Marschang studied veterinary medicine at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen Germany. Following graduation, she completed a doctoral thesis on viruses of tortoises at the Clinic for Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Fish in Giessen (Germany). She obtained her German “habilitation” on the use of molecular methods for the detection and characterization of viruses in reptiles from the University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany). She is a Diplomate of the European College of Zoological Medicine (herpetology). She is also a certified specialist for microbiology (FTÄ Mikrobiologie) and for reptile medicine (ZB Reptilien). She is currently working as a research scientist at the Institute for Environmental and Animal Hygiene at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany specializing particularly in viruses of reptiles. She also works in private practice in Leonberg, Germany.

Joe Smith, D.V.M. (General Medicine/Infectious Diseases/Primates/Avian/Marsupials)

Dr. Joe Smith is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he attended Louisiana State University for both his undergraduate studies and veterinary school. He is currently Director of Animal Health at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, a position he has held since October 2003. He is currently the veterinary advisor for the Orangutan Species Survival Plan (2007–present), the Monotreme and Marsupial Taxon Advisory Group (2005–present), and the Passerine Taxon Advisory Group (2004–present). In addition, he is an active member of American Zoo and Aquarium Association's Accreditation Inspection Team (2007–present).

Allison D. Tuttle, D.V.M., Dipl. A.C.Z.M. (Marine Mammals/Fish/Aquatic Medicine)

Dr. Allison D. Tuttle is the Staff Veterinarian & Director of Animal Care at Mystic Aquarium, a division of Sea Research Foundation, Inc. (Mystic, Connecticut, USA), a position she has held for the past five years. In this position, Dr. Tuttle is responsible for the preventative medical program and medical response for the Aquarium's extensive animal collection (∼4,500 animals) including marine mammals, penguins, herptiles, fish, and aquatic invertebrates. She is also the Director of the Aquarium's Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding and Rehabilitation Program. She additionally serves on a number of cross functional teams within the organization, including those focused on animal management, exhibit development, conservation, and outreach. Dr. Tuttle additionally contributes to a number of research initiatives, and serves as a mentor for veterinary interns, veterinary student externs, and undergraduate students interested in a career in aquatic animal medicine. Prior to her current position, Dr. Tuttle completed a Residency in Zoological Medicine with a focus on Aquatic Health Management at North Carolina State University and Mystic Aquarium's Veterinary Internship Program in Aquatic Animal Medicine and Research for two years. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine, the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians, and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Dr. Tuttle is a Diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine.

American Association of Zoo Veterinarians
"ANNOUNCEMENT," Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44(1), 233-234, (1 March 2013).
Published: 1 March 2013

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