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4 January 2023 Ring-Billed Gulls Kleptoparasitize Cicada Killer Wasps
Joseph Gyekis, Ingrid Louise Pollet
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Larids are well known for their kleptoparasitic habits, but mostly they steal from conspecifics or other birds. Here we describe Larus delawarensis (Ring-billed Gull) stealing cicadas from Sphecius speciosus (Eastern Cicada Killer) in flight over the Susquehanna River in southern Pennsylvania.

Joseph Gyekis and Ingrid Louise Pollet "Ring-Billed Gulls Kleptoparasitize Cicada Killer Wasps," Northeastern Naturalist 29(4), N72-N73, (4 January 2023).
Published: 4 January 2023
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