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1 June 2014 An Unusual Song-Like Vocalization Produced by Female Bachman's Sparrows (Peucaea aestivalis)
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We describe a new female vocalization for Peucaea aestivalis (Bachman's Sparrow) that may represent a type of female song. The vocalization has characteristics that are similar to the “excited” or “flight” songs that male P. aestivalis produce, and similar song characteristics can be found among other members of the genus, including one congener for which female singing is common. Two marked female P. aestivalis were observed producing the vocalization as well as four unmarked individuals that were paired with territorial males. A recording of one of these unmarked individuals collected in 1989 is similar to the vocalizations observed for marked females. Field notes collected at the time the recording was made suggested the “odd song” was produced by a female, and we provide a sonogram of this new vocalization based on this recording. The vocalization appears to be rare and may be difficult to link to external stimuli and social function.

James A. Cox, Clark D. Jones, James W. Tucker, and Gregory F. Budney "An Unusual Song-Like Vocalization Produced by Female Bachman's Sparrows (Peucaea aestivalis)," Southeastern Naturalist 13(2), (1 June 2014).
Published: 1 June 2014

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