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18 April 2018 Taxonomic Revision of Subtribe Leiboldiinae (Vernonieae: Asteraceae)
Rosario Redonda-Martínez
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Leiboldiinae is one of the 24 subtribes of Vernonieae. It is composed of four genera, three of which are endemic to Mexico. The 14 recognized species and are distributed in mountainous regions of Mexico and Central America. A phylogenetic analysis was performed to infer the relationships among members of the subtribe. As part of this analysis, 73 morphological, anatomical, palynological characters, as well as chromosome number, were analyzed. The results indicate that the subtribe Leiboldiinae is a monophyletic group. It is distinguished by two synapomorphies: pappus arranged outside the apical callus of the cypsela and the presence of glands with five to seven basal cells on the corolla. Bolanosa is differentiated from the other genera by the presence of paleae on the receptacle, 8–10 ribbed cypselae with a sericeous indumentumand persistent pappus. Leiboldia has glands on the cypsela above the carpopodium; Lepidonia has phyllaries with the apex broadly ovate-apiculate, and Stramentopappus is distinguished by the obovate cypsela and 3-seriate pappus. The taxonomical treatment includes updated descriptions for each taxon and identification keys for genera and species, as well as geographic distribution and phenological data.

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Rosario Redonda-Martínez "Taxonomic Revision of Subtribe Leiboldiinae (Vernonieae: Asteraceae)," Systematic Botany 43(1), 344-363, (18 April 2018).
Published: 18 April 2018
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