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19 May 2020 2019 Reviewers for Waterbirds

The quality of any scientific journal greatly depends on the evaluations provided by referees. The editorial staff not only relies on their expertise and assessment in deciding which manuscripts to publish, but their efforts substantially improve the quality of the manuscripts that are published. We thank the following individuals who served as reviewers for manuscripts submitted to Waterbirds from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 (names in bold indicate those who contributed two or more reviews).

David G. Ainley, Keith A. Arnold, Jennifer M. Arnold, Bart M. Ballard, Peter H. Becker, Marc Bosch, John Brzorad, Alfredo Castillo-Guerrero, Daniel H. Catlin, Rob Clay, Charles Collins, Alexandra Marçal Correia, John Coulson, Christine Custer, Francesca J. Cuthbert, David DesRochers, Jennie Duberstein, Kyle Elliott, Michael Erwin, Dan Esler, Auriel Fournier, Sara Fraixedas, James D. Fraser, Peter Frederick, Robert Furness, Morgan Gilmour, Dariusz Jakubas, Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., William Jensen, Mike Johns, Stephanie Jones, Andrew C. Kasner, Jessica Klassen, Suresh Kumar, Hannah Larson, Derek E. Lee, Feng-shan Li, Yang Liu, Sean Locke, Violetta Longoni, Donald E. Lyons, Zhijun Ma, Marisa T. Martinez, Terry L. Master, Sues McRae, Eric Mellink, Michael J. Monfils, R. I. Guy Morrison, Taej Mundkur, David Newstead, Ian C. T. Nisbet, Daniel Oro, Douglas C. Osborne, Eben H. Paxton, Cynthia Pekarik, Kathryn Perez, Martin Poot, Michael Reed, William K. Reisen, Manuel Rendón-Martos, Virginie Rolland, Benjamin Saenz, Roger Safford, Carlos D. Santos, David Shealer, Katherine Shlepr, Cyndi Smith, Christopher M. Somers, K. S. Gopi Sundar, Patricia Szczys, Jan van der Winden, Charles van Rees, Aimee Van Tatenhove, Chip Weseloh, Kevin Wood, Yoram Yom-Tov, and Yong Zhang.

"2019 Reviewers for Waterbirds," Waterbirds 43(1), 120, (19 May 2020).
Published: 19 May 2020

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