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4 December 1998 Notes on Bromus danthoniae and relatives (Gramineae)
Hildemar Scholz
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Based on studies of herbarium material and the relevant literature, arguments are given for an emended circumscription and definition of the Near-Middle East endemic Bromus sect. Triniusia, hitherto regarded as monotypic. The section is here characterized by strongly acute apical lemma teeth in combination with lemma awn triplets. The new concept results from the recognition of a second species besides B. danthoniae, i.e. Bromus turcomanicus with somewhat deviate, very blunt lemma lobes, described as new to science (only known from the type locality). The new concept also lays stress on the fact of frequent transitional links between the three subspecies of B. danthoniae here recognized. Of these, B. danthoniae subsp. rogersii is described as a subspecies new to science, while B. danthoniae subsp. pseudodanthoniae is a new combination, made to treat the taxon sometimes considered a separate species, B. pseudodanthoniae, more appropriate. B. lanceolatus, here lectotypified, remains excluded from B. sect. Triniusia.

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Hildemar Scholz "Notes on Bromus danthoniae and relatives (Gramineae)," Willdenowia 28(1/2), 143-150, (4 December 1998).
Published: 4 December 1998
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