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27 February 2006 Zelkova abelicea (Ulmaceae) in Crete: floristics, ecology, propagation and threats
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Field work during twenty years in the mountains of Crete has disclosed that the endemic deciduous tree Zelkova abelicea is more abundant than hitherto reported. The number of mature and old trees is estimated to reach several hundreds, while Z. abelicea scrub browsed by sheep and goats comprises thousands of individuals. The species is extremely resistant to browsing and regenerates by suckers after forest fires. Z. abelicea suckers freely and suckering is an efficient way of propagation in the wild, while natural regeneration by seed was very rarely seen. Root cuttings from all four mountain ranges of Crete were taken to Denmark and 50% successfully rooted. Best results were obtained with root cuttings taken in late autumn. Branch cuttings of newly matured shoots from young plants were rooted with good results when taken after midsummer. Z. abelicea has been grown outdoors in milder areas of Scandinavia during five years with only insignificant frost damage after cold winters. Currently it is not threatened with extinction but remains vulnerable.

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Poul Søndergaard and Bernhard R. Egli "Zelkova abelicea (Ulmaceae) in Crete: floristics, ecology, propagation and threats," Willdenowia 36(1), 317-322, (27 February 2006).
Published: 27 February 2006

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