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BioOne offers nonprofit societies, associations, institutions, and other independent publishing organizations the opportunity to enhance their online presence, increase global distribution, and earn a competitive annual royalty through its full-text aggregation, BioOne Complete. Since its launch in 2001, BioOne Complete has returned over $45M to participating publishers and established itself as the premier destination for independent publishing in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

Publisher Benefits

Publishers who partner with BioOne enjoy numerous benefits, including global distribution of their publications, a sophisticated online presence, and for subscribed content, a competitive annual royalty.

Benefits to Publishing with BioOne (PDF)

Selection Criteria and Evaluation Process

Inclusion in BioOne Complete is competitive, and BioOne adds only a few new subscribed titles each year. This measured growth strategy ensures a high-quality aggregation that will be attractive to subscribers, and that participants receive a stable and sustainable revenue stream.

BioOne offers a single, transparent, and non-exclusive license for participants. Titles must be peer-reviewed and focused in the biological, ecological, or environmental sciences, and publishers must submit current, full-text content that is predominantly published in English. We require the submission of current content at the time of publication, and cannot accommodate requests for embargoes or indexing-only arrangements.

Guide to Joining BioOne Complete (PDF)

Publishing Open Access with BioOne Complete

BioOne’s open access program is designed to meet the needs of independent open-access publishers that are generating sufficient sustaining revenue through collected APCs (article publication charges), grants, and/or society endowments, and are seeking a cost-effective online publication strategy. As with subscribed participation, inclusion in BioOne’s OA program is selective.

BioOne Complete Open Access (PDF)

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