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Acta Palaeontologica Polonica


The Institute of Paleobiology (formerly the Institute of Paleozoology) is one of the oldest units of the Polish Academy of Sciences; established in December, 1952. In all rankings by the State Committee for Scientific Research, the Institute has been granted the highest category. Among its 44 staff members, 20 are researchers (among them five full professors). The Institute is certified for awarding Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees in geology. The Institute is publisher of the quarterly journal Acta Paleontological Polonica.

Since its start, the Institute has conducted biologically-oriented research on ancient life. Descriptions of fossil biota are accompanied by comparative studies of their Recent counterparts. The results of such studies are useful for both Earth and life sciences. The scope of its research covers vertebrates, invertebrates and microfossils of various origins. The Institute is renowned throughout the world and participates extensively in international cooperation. It has organized and participated in scientific expeditions to various areas of the world (Mongolia, Spitsbergen, Antarctica). Studies of paleofloras began in 1990, and a year later a biogeological research programme started, integrating life sciences with Earth sciences.

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