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The Society of Ethnobiology is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the relationships of plants and animals with human cultures worldwide, including past and present relationships between peoples and the environment. Our interests encompass ethnobotany, ethnozoology, linguistics, paleoethnobotany, zooarchaeology, ethnoecology, and other related areas in anthropology and biology. We are committed to scholarly research and to inclusive relationships with communities with whom we work and with colleagues around the world. The Society hosts an annual conference with field trips, and offers three peer-reviewed publications: the Journal of Ethnobiology, a professional journal with four issues per year, Contributions in Ethnobiology, a digital monograph series, and Ethnobiology Letters, a digital publication for short contributions. We award excellence in ethnobiological research through our Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award, and Best Poster Award, and also recognize student research excellence through the Barbara Lawrence Award and the Undergraduate Ethnobiologist Award.

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