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Founded in 1817 by Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle, the Conservatory and Botanical Garden of the City of Geneva (CJBG) is at the heart of the long tradition of botany in Geneva. With around 6 million specimens, the herbarium holds one of the largest collections of plants, mosses and fungi in the World. The Library with its books and periodicals is also one of the most comprehensive botanical libraries worldwide. The activities of the CJBG can be summarized by its five missions:

  • Explore the world and its botanical diversity,
  • Preserve, curate and enlarge the collections (garden, herbarium, library),
  • Perform high-quality research on vascular plants and cryptogams, from genes to ecosystems,
  • Broadcast results to the botanical community as well as to a wider audience through publications, databases, and teaching,
  • Protect the environment and its biological diversity, through in situ and ex situ conservation.

CJBG works in close collaboration with the University of Geneva. The CJBG is in charge of the botany courses given at the University and its research activities are conducted under the umbrella of the University Laboratory of plant systematics and biodiversity. Geographical focus points for research at the CJBG include Switzerland and the Alps, the Mediterranean area (with an emphasis on Corsica), Africa (Madagascar, Ivory Coast), tropical South America (Paraguay, Brazil), Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand) and the South Pacific (New Caledonia). In all these regions the CJBG is recognized as an important partner in the management and conservation of the environment.

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