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Integrative and Comparative Biology


The mission of SICB is to further research, education and public awareness in the areas of organismal, functional and evolutionary biology. Organismal biology comprises diverse fields that lead to a better understanding of whole organism function and the interface between organisms and their physical and biological environments. Comparative morphological, developmental, physiological, behavioral and biomechanical approaches examine functional diversity and integrate the study of living and physical systems. Evolutionary and ecological approaches examine stability versus change over time, how genomes evolve, how they produce phenotypes, interact with the environment, and lead to functional diversity. SICB encourages interdisciplinary cooperative research that integrates across levels of biological organization, from molecules and cells to ecosystems, and can move beyond standard model organisms and methodologies. SICB also encourages use of new technologies that allow researchers to improve their abilities to collect and properly analyze these new and complex data sets. SICB enhances education and scholarship at all levels, from K-12 to postgraduate. The society also works to inform the public, legislators and granting agencies of the importance of organismal biology and its potential to produce valuable new knowledge, findings, applications and tools.

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