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Wetland Science and Practice


The mission of the Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) is to promote understanding, conservation, protection, restoration, science-based management, and sustainability of wetlands.


Wetland science will:

  • Form the basis of the public's understanding of the important functions and values of wetlands
  • Advance as a rigorous interdisciplinary endeavor and body of knowledge
  • Provide the foundation for management, restoration, conservation and policy

The Society of Wetland Scientists will:

  • Strive to be recognized as the world leader in wetland science
  • Lead the education of wetland professionals and the public regarding wetland science and applications
  • Continue to promote the development of wetland science programs around the world, particularly in developing countries
  • Continue to promote diversity among SWS members and other wetland professionals
  • Actively promote the inclusion of sound science in wetland policy and stewardship


  • To operate solely and exclusively as a charitable and educational organization to foster conservation and understanding of wetlands
  • To advance public education and enlightenment concerning wetland resources
  • To provide an independent forum for an interchange of ideas and data developed within wetland science
  • To develop and encourage wetland science as a distinct discipline by supporting student education, curriculum development and research
  • To encourage and evaluate the educational, scientific and technological development and advancement of all branches of wetland science and practice
  • To encourage the knowledge management of wetland resources

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