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BioOne Complete proudly shares the work of 150+ scientific societies, many of whom are conducting critical field research from diverse natural environments around the globe. Our selected article collections are useful tools to discover peer-reviewed research in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. If you like what you read, please share these collections with students, faculty, and colleagues.

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A monthly collection of recently published articles in BioOne Complete journals—highlighting timely subjects and themes in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

Top and Trending Research
A quarterly collection of top and trending research published recently in BioOne Complete journals—representing broad cross-sections of subjects, species, and regional interests.

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Curated research collections featuring articles in BioOne Complete journals—putting a spotlight on current events and conversations in biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

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Binoculars icon BioOne VISTA

BioOne VISTA. A pathway lined with planted arches at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

September 2023 - Botanical Research

Botanical gardens are vibrant hubs of discovery, fueling groundbreaking research that deepens our understanding of plant life and bolsters plant conservation efforts.

The sun shining through a managed forest of tall, straight hardwood trees.

August 2023 - Environmental Justice

By prioritizing environmental justice, and supporting the participation of scientists from diverse backgrounds in research, we can create sustainable and inclusive societies that protect human health, biodiversity, and the planet for future generations.

Three honeybees perched on top of a honeycomb.

July 2023 - Agricultural Entomology

By understanding the intricate relationships between insects and crops, agricultural entomology plays a vital role in safeguarding agricultural systems and ensuring food security for a growing global population.


laptop with star icon Top & Trending Research

BioOne Complete. Top & Trending Research. A group of three cows stand in a grassy field looking toward the camera.
BioOne Complete. Top & Trending Research. Profile of a robber fly at rest, perched on a branch looking toward the left.
BioOne Complete. Top & Trending Research. Bright yellow Xerochrysum flower
July 2023
Top & Trending Research

We are proud to spotlight content from some of BioOne’s publishing partners including American Museum Novitates, Breviora, Freshwater Mollusk Biology and Conservation, The Journal of Raptor Research, Rangelands, and Southwestern Entomologist.

April 2023
Top & Trending Research

We are proud to spotlight content from some of BioOne’s publishing partners including Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club, Comparative Parasitology, Entomologica Americana, Geodiversitas, Herzogia, and Mammal Study.

January 2023
Top & Trending Research

We are proud to spotlight content from some of BioOne’s publishing partners including Entomological News, Journal of Shellfish Research, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, and Waterbirds.


Butterfly iconSpecial Content Collections

BioOne Ambassador Awards logo. 2021 BioOne Ambassador Connor Wood holding a Barred Owl. It is night and Wood and a colleague wear headlamps.
An botanist examines a leaf in the field.
Leaf cutter ants walking on bark, carrying leaves.

  2023 BioOne Ambassador Awards Nominee Research

Explore published research from early career researchers, nominated for the 2023 BioOne Ambassador Awards by BioOne Complete partner publishers.

  2022 BioOne Ambassador Awards Nominee Showcase

BioOne is honored to present this special collection to showcase the published research of our 2022 BioOne Ambassador Awards nominees.

Remembering E. O. Wilson and Thomas Lovejoy

BioOne honors the landmark contributions of E. O. Wilson, Ph.D. and Thomas Lovejoy, Ph.D. to the field of biodiversity with content from BioOne Complete.

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