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Collection of mounted butterflies

BioOne Vista


December 2021  |  Ornithology

On December 25, 1900, ornithologist Frank M. Chapman of the Audubon Society began a "Christmas Bird Census" (CBC) to encourage people to count birds during the holidays rather than compete in a traditional “Side Hunt.” This tradition continues with the Audubon Christmas Bird Count held every year from December 14th to January 5th. Over the last 120 years, data collected from this count and other bird surveys across the globe have been helpful in understanding the health of bird populations. Today, the research conducted by ornithologists across the field is critical to protecting birds and their habitats. Discover current ornithology research in BioOne Complete with this selection of recently-published articles.

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November 2021  |  Evolutionary Biology

Viewed by many as a foundational work in the field of evolutionary biology, Charles Darwin published his foundational work in evolutionary biology, On the Origin of the Species, on November 24th, 1859. Many scientists and researchers have since contributed to the conversation to better understand evolutionary processes in the natural world. Explore current evolutionary biology research in BioOne Complete with this selection of recently-published articles.

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October 2021  |  World Food Day

An initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, World Food Day raises awareness in support of the transformation to more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agri-food systems.

We are pleased to highlight this collection of recently-published articles representing a cross-section of subjects available in BioOne Complete and inclusive of the FAO’s four strategic improvements to support better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life.

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Top & Trending Research in BioOne Complete


January 2022

Featured journals include Journal of East African Natural History,, Annales Zoologici,, Journal of Ethnobiology,, Ursus, and more.

September 2021

Featured journals include Journal of Resources and Ecology, Wildlife Biology, Environmental Health Insights, Tropical Conservation Science, and more.

June 2021

Featured journals include  Crop and Pasture SciencePolitics and the Life SciencesOrnithologySystematic Botany, and more.

Special Content Collections

Remembering E. O. Wilson and Thomas Lovejoy


BioOne honors the landmark contributions of E. O. Wilson, Ph.D. and Thomas Lovejoy, Ph.D. to the field of biodiversity with this special collection of content from BioOne Complete.


Earth Day 2021


BioOne partners with publishers all over the world to provide timely peer-reviewed research on a broad range of environmental and ecological sciences. We are proud to bring you the results of their work to restore our Earth in this special collection of articles addressing critical environmental themes like climate science, renewable energy, water quality, citizen science, and more.


Earth Day 2020


April 22, 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, the birth of the modern environmental movement.

The theme for Earth Day 2020 is “climate action” and research scientists dedicate their careers to meaningful action. They question, investigate, and explore the impacts of climate change on species, ecosystems, the food supply, and human society. The results of their actions—scientific findings—can inform and inspire others to action, from researchers to students and citizen scientists.


Peer-Reviewed Research to Inform the Coronavirus Crisis


Peer-reviewed scholarly research and research libraries are trusted guides during times of scientific uncertainty. As the world navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, BioOne is proud to share the wealth of relevant content from our publishing partners to provide support for those working on solutions for this global crisis.

In collaboration with the Association of Research Libraries, BioOne and our publishers have made articles related to coronavirus in the following journals available via open access through 2020:



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