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1 September 2014 The Taxonomy and Morphometry of Squids in the Family Loliginidae (Cephalopoda:Myopsida) from the Pacific Coast of Mexico
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The present research was a morphological and morphometric analysis of species from the family Loliginidae distributed in the Mexican Pacific and Gulf of California. These species are captured incidentally in shrimp fisheries and commercialized locally. Nevertheless, the number of species from the zone is uncertain, and there are numerous taxonomic problems in the group that limit the accurate identification of species and complicate the proper elaboration of the fisheries record. Morphological and morphometric analyses were performed using a canonical variable analysis (CVA) of 530 organisms. Six groups were separated a priori based on the shape of the funnel organ.

Based on the observed differences, four species were recognized: Lolliguncula (Lolliguncula) panamensis Berry, 1911, Lolliguncula (Lolliguncula) argus Brakoniecki and Roper, 1985, Lolliguncula (Loliolopsis) diomedeae (Hoyle, 1904), and Doryteuthis (Amerigo) opalescens (Berry, 1911). Two additional forms were recognized and named the following: Lolliguncula sp. 1, and Lolliguncula sp. 2. Three canonical variables (CV) explained 95.4% of variability among the groups in the analysis results. Variance percentages related to CV1, CV2, and CV3 were 61.9, 19.5, and 13.9%, respectively. A MANOVA analysis supported the statistically significant differences among the squid groups (Wilk's lambda = 0.023; F(752447) = 38.6; P < 0.0000). In accordance with the analyses developed in this research, it is evident that there are morphological and morphometric characteristics that indicate a greater diversity of taxa are present compared to the list of species previously reported off the Pacific coasts of Mexico.

Jasmin Granados-Amores, Francisco J. García-Rodríguez, F. G. Hochberg, and César A. Salinas-Zavala "The Taxonomy and Morphometry of Squids in the Family Loliginidae (Cephalopoda:Myopsida) from the Pacific Coast of Mexico," American Malacological Bulletin 32(2), (1 September 2014).
Received: 21 June 2013; Accepted: 1 April 2014; Published: 1 September 2014

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