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1 December 2018 Natural Enemies Associated with Phaseolus lunatus L. (Fabaceae) in Northeast Brazil
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In Brazil, characterization of the natural occurrence of insect predators and parasites affecting phytophagous pests of Phaseolus lunatus is limited. Our objective was to identify which natural enemies were present in lima bean fields in northeast Brazil. Also, this is the first report of the natural occurrence of thrips and mite predators on lima bean. The following species were identified as predators of Aphis craccivora: Scymnus rubicundus (Coccinelidae), Pseudodoros clavatus (Syrphidae), as well as the parasitoid Aphelinus sp. (Aphelinidae). In addition, Franklinothrips vespiformis (Aeolothripidae) was collected along with its prey, the phytophagous mite Tetranychus neocaledonicus, and the phytophagous thrips Caliothrips phaseoli. Predatory mites were identified as Euseius concordis (Phytoseiidae), Proctolaelaps bickleyi (Ascidae), and Amblyseius tamatavensis (Phytoseiidae). These 3 mite species were observed to prey on T. neocaledonicus and represents the first report of these predators occurring on P. lunatus in Brazil.

Solange Maria de França, Luiz Carlos de Melo Júnior, Antônio Viera Gomes Neto, Paulo Roberto Ramalho Silva, Élison Fabrício Bezerra Lima, and José Wagner S. Melo "Natural Enemies Associated with Phaseolus lunatus L. (Fabaceae) in Northeast Brazil," Florida Entomologist 101(4), 688-691, (1 December 2018).
Published: 1 December 2018

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