VOL. 49 · NO. 1 | January 2013
49(1), 1-9, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-10-287
KEYWORDS: Branta canadensis, Campylobacter jejuni, resident Canada Geese, strain types, waterfowl, zoonotic disease
49(1), 10-17, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-12-343
KEYWORDS: coinfection, disease management, immune response, Oryctolagus cuniculus, restocking, viral diseases
49(1), 18-28, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-05-135
KEYWORDS: koala, Phascolarctos cinereus, New South Wales, threats, wildlife rehabilitation
49(1), 29-38, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-05-125
KEYWORDS: Besnoitia tarandi, caribou, disease, epidemiology, parasite, protozoa, Rangifer tarandus, variables
49(1), 39-48, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-02-048
KEYWORDS: Canadian lynx, predator-prey cycle, snowshoe hare, spatiotemporal dynamic of infection, Toxoplasma gondii
49(1), 49-54, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-02-046
KEYWORDS: American Goldfinch, between-species transmission, Carpodacus mexicanus, House Finch, mycoplasmal conjunctivitis, Spinus tristis
49(1), 55-68, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-09-260
KEYWORDS: Border disease virus, experimental infection, pathogenicity, pestivirus, pregnancy, Pyrenean chamois, Rupicapra pyrenaica
49(1), 69-79, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-12-347
KEYWORDS: deer, GI nematode, moose, supplemental feeding, wildlife management
49(1), 80-90, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2010-03-048
KEYWORDS: honey bee, insect granuloma, sting apparatus, vespulid wasp
49(1), 91-102, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2010-11-316
KEYWORDS: classification, dermatitis, disease stage, histopathology, mange, red fox, Sarcoptes scabiei, Vulpes vulpes
49(1), 103-113, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-11-335
KEYWORDS: Avian, H1N1, immunohistochemistry, influenza, LPAI, mallards, oseltamivir, viral shedding
49(1), 114-124, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-01-004
KEYWORDS: golden eagle, lead, mercury, Montana, selenium, Trace elements
49(1), 125-131, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-04-100
KEYWORDS: ELISA, monkeypox, orthopoxvirus, poxvirus, Rattus, rodent, Uganda, Western blot
49(1), 132-142, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-02-041
KEYWORDS: deermouse, fitness, Hantavirus, mark-recapture, minimum convex polygon, movement, Peromyscus maniculatus, Sin Nombre virus
49(1), 143-151, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-01-027
KEYWORDS: alphaherpesvirus, eastern grey kangaroo, herpes, herpesvirus, macropod, MaHV, marsupial, syncytia
49(1), 152-156, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-12-363
KEYWORDS: Endangered bird populations, Nēnē, vaccination, West Nile virus vaccine, WNV
49(1), 163-167, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-04-101
KEYWORDS: Alaska, Callorhinus ursinus, northern fur seal, Orthopolyomavirus, placenta
49(1), 168-172, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-07-219
KEYWORDS: genotype, Leptospira interrogans, Lycalopex griseus, multiple-locus variable-number tandem repeat analysis
49(1), 173-179, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-02-054
KEYWORDS: Canada, North American red squirrel, poxvirus, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus
49(1), 180-185, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-11-322
KEYWORDS: avian influenza virus, Ct value, Diagnostic, infectivity, mallard, PCR, virus isolation
49(1), 186-189, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-12-353
KEYWORDS: Cervidae, Cervidpoxvirus, deer, deerpox, elk, Odocoileus, serology, virus
49(1), 190-193, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2011-11-342
KEYWORDS: antibody prevalence, oral rabies vaccination, Procyon lotor, raccoon, striped skunk, vaccine-bait
49(1), 203-205, (1 January 2013)https://doi.org/10.7589/2012-02-029
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