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17 December 2012 Taxonomic notes on Dysphania and Atriplex (Chenopodiaceae)
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Some taxonomic amendments for the genera Dysphania and Atriplex are given. Three species of Dysphania are recognised in the central and eastern Himalaya and on the southern Tibetan plateau: two native species, D. nepalensis and D. bhutanica, the latter here described as new to science, and one introduced species, D. ambroisioides, whereas the presence of D. botrys and D. schraderiana, formerly reported from the area, is not confirmed. Features relevant for the delimitation of these taxa are discussed. The combination D. bonariensis is published. A new species, Atriplex brenanii, formerly misidentified with A. halimus var. granulata, is described from East Tropical Africa, while the occurrence of A. halimus in this region is not confirmed. A. asphaltitis, an enigmatic taxon described from the Dead Sea area, is synonymised with the Australian A. nummularia, which is spreading as an alien in the S Mediterranean.

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Alexander P. Sukhorukov "Taxonomic notes on Dysphania and Atriplex (Chenopodiaceae)," Willdenowia 42(2), 169-180, (17 December 2012).
Published: 17 December 2012

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