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Landscape Genetics

Rolf Holderegger, et al. (2008)

Publish or Perish

PHIL CLAPHAM, et al. (2005)

Open, Fair, and Free Journal Ranking for Researchers

GUILLAUME CHAPRON, et al. (2006)

Phylogeny and Evolution of Angiosperms

RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD, et al. (2007)

Most Cited Articles

Urbanization, Biodiversity, and Conservation

MICHAEL L. McKINNEY, et al. (2002)

The Human Footprint and the Last of the Wild

Eric W. Sanderson, et al. (2002)

The Global Decline of Reptiles, Déjà Vu Amphibians

J. WHITFIELD GIBBON, et al. (2000)

What Is Migration?

Hugh Dingle, et al. (2007)

Effects of Invasive Alien Plants on Fire Regimes

Matthew L. Brooks, et al. (2004)

Climate Change and Forest Disturbances

VIRGINIA H. DALE, et al. (2001)

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