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1 December 2013 Notes on the Flora of Madagascar, 30–34

Callmander, M. W., P. B. Phillipson, T. Deroin & L. Gautier (ed.) (2013). Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 30–34. Candollea 68: 301–320. In English and French, English and French abstracts.

Ongoing research on Madagascar's flora is revealing numerous taxonomic novelties and nomenclatural inconsistencies, and providing new data on species distribution. This is the seventh set of notes in a series that aims to provide the botanical community working on the flora of Madagascar an opportunity to publish short communications on these topics, and this issue comprises five notes.

Note 30. Nomenclatural notes on Cryptocarya R. Br. (Lauraceae) from Madagascar, by Henk van der Werff. Five species of Malagasy Ravensara Sonn. are transferred to Cryptocarya R. Br. following the merging of these two genera and the accepted conservation of Cryptocarya over Ravensara. This necessitates two new combinations and two new names. The fifth species is placed in synonymy.

Note 31. Further nomenclatural notes on Malagasy Diospyros L. (Ebenaceae): Goudot types in the Geneva herbarium, by George E. Schatz, Porter P. Lowry II, Cyrille Mas & Martin W. Callmander. Discovery of several Goudot collections of Malagasy Diospyros L. deposited in the Geneva herbarium clarifies the typifications of Diospyros leucocalyx Hiern and Maba madagascariensis A. DC. Resolution of the type of Diospyros leucocalyx requires that the long used name Diospyros megasepala Baker be placed into synonymy under Diospyros leucocalyx Hiern. Past confusion between the two Paris specimens Perrier de la Bâthie 700 and Pervillé 700, the former of which is the type of Dichapetalum thouarsianum var. pubescens Desc. and the latter of which was previously cited as the type of Maba madagascariensis, is also discussed and clarified.

Note 32. Hybrid origin of Arthropteris boutoniana (Hook.) Pic. Serm. (Arthropteridaceae) from Mauritius and Madagascar, by France Rakotondrainibe & Catherine Reeb. The study of the Arthropteris Hook. f. collections from the Malagasy Region undertaken as a part of the revision of Filicophyta from Madagascar currently in progress, has revealed the intraspecific morphological heterogeneity of Arthtropteris boutoniana (Hook.) Pic. Serm. and demonstrated its hybrid origin. The putative parents are Arthropteris monocarpa (Cordem.) C. Chr. and Arthropteris orientalis (J. F. Gmel.) Posth. var. orientalis. The hybrid Arthropteris ×boutoniana is characterized by its hairy indusia, and its reduced fertility with few or totally aborted sporangia. It has been reported from Mauritius and Madagascar.

Note 33. Lectotypifications and a new combination in Polygala L. (Polygalaceae) from Madagascar, by Gregory A. Wahlert, Peter B. Phillipson & George E. Schatz. Polygala longeracemosa var. retamoides H. Perrier, narrowly distributed on soils derived from marble and quartzite in the Ambatofinandrahana area, was found to be morphologically distinct from the nominate variety. The authors conclude that it merits recognition at the rank of species and provide the necessary new combination; they also designate lectotypes for both taxa, and provide a key, preliminary conservation assessments and a distribution map.

Note 34. Adieu Adelosa Blume (Lamiaceae): Further observations on Rotheca Raf. for Madagascar, by Martin W. Callmander, Peter B. Phillipson, James A. Wearn & Rogier P. J. de Kok. Adelosa microphylla Blume is equated with the widespread and variable Rotheca incisa (Klotzsch) Steane & Mabb., and the status of the poorly-kn

"Notes on the Flora of Madagascar, 30–34," Candollea 68(2), 301-302, (1 December 2013).
Published: 1 December 2013

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