Issue 11 - Special Issue: Forage Breeding for Changing Environments and Production Systems
VOL. 65 · NO. 11 | Oct 2014

Articles (1)
K. F. Smith, G. Spangenberg
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), (1 October 2014)
W. M. Williams
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1091-1106, (14 April 2014)
KEYWORDS: Trifolium ambiguum, Trifolium nigrescens, Trifolium occidentale, Trifolium uniflorum, Trifolium pallescens
Kerry Hancock, Vern Collette, Elisabeth Chapman, Katherine Hanson, Stephen Temple, Roger Moraga, John Caradus
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1107-1113, (24 March 2014)
KEYWORDS: MYB transcription factors, phenylpropanoid pathway, proanthocyanidins, transgenic alfalfa and clover
D. Real, C. M. Oldham, M. N. Nelson, J. Croser, M. Castello, A. Verbyla, A. Pradhan, A. Van Burgel, P. Méndez, E. Correal, N. L. Teakle, C. K. Revell, M. A. Ewing
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1114-1131, (27 February 2014)
KEYWORDS: breeding methods, drought tolerance, forage legumes, mixed models
Liana Jank, Sanzio C. Barrios, Cacilda B. do Valle, Rosangela M. Simeão, Geovani F. Alves
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1132-1137, (11 March 2014)
KEYWORDS: forage cultivars, germplasm, selection
Fernando Ortega, Leonardo Parra, Andrés Quiroz
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1138-1146, (19 March 2014)
KEYWORDS: abiotic stress, breeding strategies, genetic improvement, plant breeding, plant–insect interactions, selection programs
Philip J. Larkin, Matthew T. Newell, Richard C. Hayes, Jesmin Aktar, Mark R. Norton, Sergio J. Moroni, Len J. Wade
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1147-1164, (26 February 2014)
R. A. Culvenor, R. J. Simpson
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1165-1176, (28 February 2014)
KEYWORDS: acid soil tolerance, grazing tolerance, plant breeding
Z. Lin, B. J. Hayes, H. D. Daetwyler
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1177-1191, (22 May 2014)
KEYWORDS: accuracy, genetic markers genomic selection, plants
Kenneth Quesenberry, Patricio Munoz, Ann Blount, Kevin Kenworthy, William Crow
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1192-1198, (19 March 2014)
KEYWORDS: forage legumes, genetics of nematode resistance, Meloidogyne spp., root-knot nematodes
Maria S. Dwiyanti, J. Ryan Stewart, Toshihiko Yamada
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1199-1206, (20 June 2014)
P. G. H. Nichols, R. A. C. Jones, T. J. Ridsdill-Smith, M. J. Barbetti
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1207-1229, (22 July 2014)
KEYWORDS: cultivars, disease screening, pathogens, pest screening, plant breeding, selection
K. F. Smith, C. Ludemann, C. D. Lewis, B. Malcolm, R. G. Banks, J. L. Jacobs, P. F. Fennessy, G. C. Spangenberg
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1230-1237, (30 October 2014)
J. W. Forster, M. L. Hand, N. O. I. Cogan, B. J. Hayes, German C. Spangenberg, K. F. Smith
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (11), 1238-1247, (9 September 2014)
KEYWORDS: grass, legume, polyploidy, self-incompatibility, single nucleotide polymorphism, symbiont
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