Issue 7 - Special Issue: Interdrought IV – Improving Crop Adaptation to Water-limited Environments
VOL. 65 · NO. 7 | Aug 2014

Articles (1)
Graeme Hammer, Robert Belford, Richard Bell
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (7), (1 August 2014)
No abstract available
J. A. Kirkegaard, J. R. Hunt, T. M. McBeath, J. M. Lilley, A. Moore, K. Verburg, M. Robertson, Y. Oliver, P. R. Ward, S. Milroy, A. M. Whitbread
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (7), 583-601, (7 August 2014)
KEYWORDS: drought, dryland farming, fallow, rotation, water-use efficiency, wheat
W. H. Vance, R. W. Bell, C. Johansen, M. E. Haque, A. M. Musa, A. K. M. Shahidullah, M. N. N. Mia
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (7), 602-613, (7 August 2014)
KEYWORDS: abiotic stress, chickpea emergence, minimum tillage, rabi season, sowing time
Graeme L. Hammer, Greg McLean, Scott Chapman, Bangyou Zheng, Al Doherty, Matthew T. Harrison, Erik van Oosterom, David Jordan
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (7), 614-626, (7 August 2014)
KEYWORDS: crop improvement, crop modelling, G × E, genotype by environment interaction, plant breeding, trait simulation
Hayden Sprigg, Robert Belford, Steve Milroy, Sarita Jane Bennett, David Bowran
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (7), 627-644, (30 June 2014)
KEYWORDS: declining rainfall, modelling, phenology, row spacing, wheat varieties
R. M. Trethowan
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (7), 645-654, (15 July 2014)
J. H. Mitchell, Sipaseuth, S. Fukai
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (7), 655-666, (7 August 2014)
KEYWORDS: baby trial, drought adaptation, farmer preference, mother trial, participatory variety selection, rainfed lowland rice, seed distribution, water deficit, yield
Stephen E. Beebe, Idupulapati M. Rao, Mura Jyostna Devi, José Polania
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (7), 667-675, (12 May 2014)
KEYWORDS: genetic resources, harvest index, PABRA, research networks, soil fertility
R. A. Richards, J. R. Hunt, J. A. Kirkegaard, J. B. Passioura
Crop and Pasture Science 65 (7), 676-689, (7 August 2014)
KEYWORDS: biomass, breeding, harvest index, management, sowing date, water-use efficiency, climate change
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