VOL. 58 · NO. 4 | April 2004

58(4), 683-691, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-332
KEYWORDS: good genes, runaway process, sex linkage, sexual selection
58(4), 692-701, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-538
KEYWORDS: Adaptation, Bacteriophage, constraint, evolution, experimental evolution, fitness limit, genomes
58(4), 702-709, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/02-521
KEYWORDS: Automixis, centromere interference, genetic load, haplo-lethal, mating-type bias, Microbotryum, self- fertilization
58(4), 710-722, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-291
KEYWORDS: Cytoplasmic inheritance, heteroplasmy, linear dominance hierarchy, Physarum polycephalum, preferential digestion of mitochondria, self-incompatible mating type
58(4), 723-731, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-312
KEYWORDS: angiosperms, breeding system, Dioecy, ecological correlations, extinction, phylogeny, sister-group comparison, speciation
58(4), 732-740, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-329
KEYWORDS: flower number, flower size, Genetic constraint, GENETIC CORRELATION, Lobelia siphilitica, NATURAL SELECTION
58(4), 741-748, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-572
KEYWORDS: Colored environmental noise, experimental evolution, heat shock protein, Hsp, temperature
58(4), 749-756, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-434
KEYWORDS: allelic richness, drift load, extinction risk, Lymnaea stagnalis, mutational meltdown, trematode parasites
58(4), 757-767, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-540
KEYWORDS: BALDWIN EFFECT, behavior, habitat choice, learning, Plasticity, resource preference
58(4), 768-780, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-414
KEYWORDS: cline, contingency, haldanes, latitude, rapid evolution, size
58(4), 781-789, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-354
KEYWORDS: conspecific sperm precedence, Drosophila, hybridization, reproductive isolation, speciation
58(4), 790-798, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-338
KEYWORDS: bacteria, endosymbionts, Insecta, mutualism, pseudoarrhenotoky, symbiosis
58(4), 799-813, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-364
KEYWORDS: Brood care, bubble nesting, comparative method, mitochondrial DNA, phylogenetic generalized least- squares, phylogeny, RAG1
58(4), 814-824, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-373
KEYWORDS: Adaptive radiation, allopatric divergence, contemporary evolution, Gasterosteus aculeatus, invasion, lateral plates, postglacial evolution
58(4), 825-841, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-313
KEYWORDS: amplified fragment length polymorphism, cytochrome b, electric fish, gene trees, hybridization, signal evolution
58(4), 842-861, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-009
KEYWORDS: Argentina, cytochrome b, introgression, lineage sorting, Liolaemus, PHYLOGEOGRAPHY
58(4), 862-869, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-493
KEYWORDS: Adaptation, genotype-by-environment interaction, growth compensation, growth rate evolution, lizard, phenotypic plasticity
58(4), 870-879, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-368
KEYWORDS: heterozygosity, inbreeding depression, LINKAGE DISEQUILIBRIUM, major histocompatibility complex, microsatellite
58(4), 880-885, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-147
KEYWORDS: Age-specific, life history, lifetime reproductive success, seabirds, selection hypothesis
58(4), 886-894, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-432
KEYWORDS: coancestry, Crocidura russula, F-statistics, individual-based models, local competition, variance analysis
58(4), 895-899, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-367
KEYWORDS: Adaptive speciation, assortative mating, constraint, evolutionary branching, speciation rate
58(4), 900-905, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-652
KEYWORDS: Complementation, experimental evolution, frequency-dependent selection, quasispecies, vesicular stomatitis virus
58(4), 906-909, (1 April 2004)https://doi.org/10.1554/03-610
KEYWORDS: fecundity, Lizards, major histocompatibility complex, paternity bias, sperm competition
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