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31 December 2021 Historic Discovery of a New Species of Luvunga (Rutaceae) from Mindanao, Southern Philippines
Kean Roe F. Mazo, Arkady A. Tahil
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After 113 years since the only Luvunga species was described from the Philippines and after 36 years since the latest species of the genus was formally described from Sabah, Borneo, a species new to science of Luvunga from Zamboanga del Norte, Southern Philippines, L. subanense, is described and illustrated. The new species differs from similar species, L. philippinensis and L. crassifolia, by having longer thorns, longer petioles and an inflorescence of four-flowered cymes. It further distinguishes from its most similar species, L. philippinensis, by having nine stamens (vs. 10), shorter filaments (4–4.5 mm vs. 6 mm) and ovoid ovary (vs. oblong) which is globular in cross-section (vs. quadrangular). Figures, a table of comparing the new species to L. philippinensis and L. crassifolia, notes on distribution, habitat and conservation status are provided. This novelty brings the total number of Luvunga species to 15 of which four are found in the Philippines.

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Kean Roe F. Mazo and Arkady A. Tahil "Historic Discovery of a New Species of Luvunga (Rutaceae) from Mindanao, Southern Philippines," Harvard Papers in Botany 26(2), 427-431, (31 December 2021).
Published: 31 December 2021
Luvunga philippinensis
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