VOL. 80 · NO. 1 | February 2008

Articles (7)
Human Biology
80(1), (1 February 2008) https://doi.org/10.3378/1534-6617(2008)80[1:GAOKRJ]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: knee joint space, cartilage, osteoarthritis, heritability of osteoarthritis, x-ray, Fels Longitudinal Study
80(1), (1 February 2008) https://doi.org/10.3378/1534-6617(2008)80[11:AGLATI]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: gallbladder disease, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, family study, variance components analysis, Mexican Americans, San Antonio Family Diabetes/Gallbladder Study (SAFDGS)
80(1), (1 February 2008) https://doi.org/10.3378/1534-6617(2008)80[29:CBLASO]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: birth outcome, stillbirth rate, opposite-sex twins, same-sex twins, correlation coefficients, England, Wales, Saxony, Sweden, Åland Islands (Finland)
80(1), (1 February 2008) https://doi.org/10.3378/1534-6617(2008)80[41:DSDMDV]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: Genetics, LINGUISTICS, SURNAMES, dialects, the Netherlands, barriers, isolation by distance (IBD)
80(1), (1 February 2008) https://doi.org/10.3378/1534-6617(2008)80[65:LBWAAP]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: birth weight, allergy, ACP1, cLMPTP, IgE level, England, Italy, caucasian populations
80(1), (1 February 2008) https://doi.org/10.3378/1534-6617(2008)80[73:VODVAA]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: DAT1, VNTR, Assyrians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Armenians, Turkmen, Arabs, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Mesopotamia, diversity, ethnic groups
80(1), (1 February 2008) https://doi.org/10.3378/1534-6617(2008)80[83:PGOCMA]2.0.CO;2
KEYWORDS: C1q deficiency, C1q gene, Malaysian population, mutation, PCR-RFLP method, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
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