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1 December 2012 Recognition of Reviewers and Associate Editors

Reviewing manuscripts is an essential part of scientific research evaluation. Each volunteered manuscript accepted for publication is reviewed by two peers, an associate editor, and the editor. The objective of review selection is to obtain assistance from scientists who may know the manuscript topic better than the associate editor or editor.

The reviewers' primary responsibilities are to evaluate the scientific quality and the accuracy of data interpretation and to help the author improve the manuscript. Below is a list of WSSA members and other individuals who have reviewed one or more manuscripts for Invasive Plant Science and Management from October 21, 2011 through October 20, 2012, and whose reviews have been returned to me. Others assigned during this same period are still pending and will be reported next year. Thanks to these colleagues for helping to maintain and enhance the weed science profession. Please forgive any errors or omissions.

Special thanks also to Associate Editors Edith Allen, Lars W. Anderson, Jacob Barney, Matthew L. Brooks, John Cardina, Christopher P. Dionigi, Steven Enloe, Jodie S. Holt, Ruth A. Hufbauer, Darren Kriticos, Kelly G. Lyons, John D. Madsen, Scott J. Nissen, Timothy S. Prather, John A. Randall, Matt Rinella, and Philip H. Westra, and to the WSSA headquarters.

Abella, Scott

Ainsworth, Nigel

Allen, Damian

Andersen, Mark

Asaeda, Takashi

Barney, Jacob

Barrows, Cameron

Beautrais, Josef

Beck, Christopher

Bella, Elizabeth

Bradley, Bethany

Brenner, Jacob C.

Brisson, Jacques

Brooks, Simon

Brown, Cynthia Susan

Bryson, Charles

Burke, David

Butler, Jack

Byrd, John Dukes

Cappuccino, Naomi

Carlo, Tomas

Carter, Richard

Castillo, Jesus M.

Chilton, Earl

Cleland, Elsa

Clements, David R.

Cordell, Susan

Daniell, Tim

Dauer, Joseph

Delaney, Kevin

Derr, Jeffrey F.

Dhileepan, Kunjithapatham

Dyer, Andy

Emery, Sarah

Flory, Luke

Franklin, Kim

Gaskin, John

Goolsby, John

Gorchov, David

Hanula, James L.

Hardegree, Stuart Patrick

Herms, Catherine P.

Hickman, Jonathan

Hoffman, Justin David

Horn, Scott

Huebner, Cynthia

Hulting, Andrew G.

Jacobs, James Stuart

Jarnevich, Catherine S.

Jordan, Nicholas Royal

Kaiser, Brooks

Klips, Robert

Knight, Tiffany

Korniss, Gyorgy

Kowarik, Ingo

Krivoruchko, Konstantin

Kyser, Guy B.

Lane, Eric

Langeland, Kenneth

Lass, Lawrence W.

Lavoie, Claude

Leger, Beth

Leicht, Stacey

Lesica, Peter

Ma, Keming

MacDonald, Gregory

Maddox, Victor

Malik, Anushree

Mangold, Jane

Marshall, Victoria M.

Masters, Robert A.

Matlack, Glenn

McCarthy, Brian

McDonald, Christopher

Mealor, Brian A.

Meyer, Mary

Meyerson, Laura

Milbrath, Lindsey

Minogue, Patrick Joseph

Monaco, Thomas A.

Mozdzer, Thomas

Mudge, Christopher Ray

Mummey, Dan

Neal, Joseph C.

Newcombe, George

Newman, Raymond

Nilsen, Erik

Nuzzo, Victoria

Olson, Bret

Olsson, Aaryn

Oswalt, Christopher

Panetta, Franklin Dane

Parmenter, Robert

Parsons, Jennifer

Patten, Kim

Pennington, Toni Garrett

Peterson, Vanelle

Pitcairn, Mike

Pokorny, Monica L.

Quinn, Lauren D.

Raghu, S.

Ransom, Corey V.

Rector, Brian

Reichard, Sarah Hayden

Rejmanek, Marcel

Renz, Mark J.

Rew, Lisa J.

Rice, Peter Marvin

Roberts, Karl

Rodgers, John C.

Rodgers, Vicki

Rogers, Deborah

Rumpho, Mary E.

Runyon, Justin

Sellers, Brent A.

Shelhas, John

Sher, Anna

Steele, Jennifer

Szlavecz, Katalin

Terletzky, Pat

Tewksbury, Lisa

Thornby, David

Vermeire, Lance Thomas

Walker, Paul

Ward, Sarah

Webster, Christopher

Wersal, Ryan M.

Wilson, Rob G.

Woolf, Thomas

Yung, Laurie

Zipper, Carl

Weed Science Society of America
"Recognition of Reviewers and Associate Editors," Invasive Plant Science and Management 5(4), 514, (1 December 2012).
Published: 1 December 2012

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