Volume 24, Issue 1
VOL. 2008 · NO. 241 | January 2008
2008(241), 1-12, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/04-0289.1
KEYWORDS: Longshore sediment transport, cross-shore sediment transport, black sand, beach erosion, tropical beaches, Beach profiles, hydrodynamic, sediment transport modelling
2008(241), 13-20, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0568.1
KEYWORDS: Jokulhlaup, flood, computational hydraulics, wave dynamics, numerical modeling
2008(241), 21-32, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/04-0415.1
KEYWORDS: Wave regime, wave propagation, mild-slope equation, nearshore physical processes, anthropogenic pressure, Hac-Sá Bay
2008(241), 33-42, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0598.1
KEYWORDS: Shoreline trend, erosion, Human impacts, management
2008(241), 43-50, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0569.1
KEYWORDS: Rock erosion, cliff stability, cliff steepness, downfall, tension crack, wave impact
2008(241), 51-58, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0718.1
KEYWORDS: Artificial surfing reefs, construction tolerances, reflection, image analysis, curve fitting, vortex parameters
2008(241), 59-69, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0540.1
KEYWORDS: wave climate, tidal currents, sediment stock, numerical modeling, channel shoaling, dredging, Bay of Biscay, Atlantic Coast
2008(241), 70-83, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0595.1
KEYWORDS: Flood tide delta, shoreline erosion, Pea Island, Avon-Buxton, Overwash
2008(241), 84-94, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0620.1
KEYWORDS: Barrier island restoration, marsh restoration, Soil analysis, bulk density, soil carbon, Soil nitrogen, soil chemistry
2008(241), 95-102, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0656.1
KEYWORDS: estuarine ecosystem, winter, phytoplankton bloom, dissolved nutrients, Argentina
2008(241), 103-109, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0672.1
KEYWORDS: multibeam, single beam, SONAR, acoustics, Crassostrea virginica
2008(241), 110-121, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0573.1
KEYWORDS: Coastal dynamics, permafrost, sea ice effect, cryogenic coastal processes, shoreface boundary, mathematical analysis
2008(241), 122-126, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0668.1
KEYWORDS: coastal dunes, diversity, European beach grass, marram grass
2008(241), 127-137, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/1551-5036(2008)24[127:CP]2.0.CO;2
No abstract available
2008(241), 139-151, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0623.1
KEYWORDS: marine park, Coral reef, habitat mapping, Community composition, benthos, conservation, geomorphology, remote sensing, GIS, video transect
2008(241), 152-158, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0644.1
KEYWORDS: Delaware, marsh, Shoreline, geometry, box-counting, geomorphology
2008(241), 159-169, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0666.1
KEYWORDS: ammonia, Archaias, copper, zinc, mercury, lead
2008(241), 170-176, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0651.1
KEYWORDS: Coastal resource, neural network, texture analysis, backscattering coefficient, supervised, unsupervised classification
2008(241), 177-197, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0619.1
KEYWORDS: Holocene, biofacies, molluscs, geoarchaeology, Phoenician causeway, human impact, relative sea-level rise
2008(241), 198-215, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0579.1
KEYWORDS: Headland bay beaches, static equilibrium, dynamic equilibrium, empirical bay shape model, computer software, stability assessment, Shoreline protection, beach design
2008(241), 216-223, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0662.1
KEYWORDS: tsunami, earthquake, field survey, run-up, inundation, Andaman, Nicobar Islands
2008(241), 224-231, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0446.1
KEYWORDS: Optical attenuation coefficients, remote sensing, water optics
2008(241), 232-247, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0677.1
KEYWORDS: Fine sediment plumes, dredging, circulation modelling, environmental monitoring, Chameis Bay, Namibia
2008(241), 248-254, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0660.1
KEYWORDS: remote sensing, Forested wetland, ENVISAT, Leaf Area Index (LAI), Mexico
2008(241), 255-266, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0743.1
KEYWORDS: Multibeam bathymetry, geological framework, estuary, coarse bedload transport, sand waves, obstacle marks, barchanoid
2008(241), 267-272, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0765.1
KEYWORDS: Aegiceras corniculatum, Avicennia marina, Kandelia candel, carbon isotopic composition (δ13C), salinity, mangrove wetland
2008(241), 273-277, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/05-0443.1
KEYWORDS: Morlet wavelet, wavelet power spectrum, intermittent
2008(241), 278-281, (1 January 2008)https://doi.org/10.2112/06-0777.1
KEYWORDS: natural disturbance, macroalgae, species-specific removal, Thalassia, Syringodium
No abstract available
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