Integrating Biophysical Components in Coastal Engineering Practices
VOL. 92 · NO. sp1 | Summer 2019

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92(sp1), 1-5, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: coastal ecosystems, ecosystem-based protection, human impact.
92(sp1), 6-12, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: breakwaters, Coastal Squeeze, Mexico, mobile dune stabilization, urbanization
92(sp1), 13-21, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: Coral phase shift, continental water influence, reef rugosity.
92(sp1), 22-32, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: circadian rhythm, harmful algal blooms, marine ecology, Veracruz, Mexico.
92(sp1), 33-43, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: Image classification, large scale mapping, mangrove communities, NDVI, object-based image analysis, RapidEye satellite image, visual interpretation.
92(sp1), 44-54, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: coastal zone, dune lakes, nature-based solutions, risk management, wetland restoration.
92(sp1), 55-67, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: Hurricane Wilma, undertow currents, natural coastal protection.
92(sp1), 68-74, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: Coastal exposure, natural habitats exposure ranking, Manning coefficient, relief ranges, slope orientation
92(sp1), 75-84, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: coastal vulnerability, chronic erosion, green infrastructure, coastal ecosystems.
92(sp1), 85-91, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: coastal erosion, anthropization, ecosystem based solution
92(sp1), 92-100, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: wave damping, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) model, wave-vegetation interaction, coastal vegetation, equivalent porosity
92(sp1), 101-111, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: coastal management, land use change, coastal hardening.
92(sp1), 112-120, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: coastal processes, coastal infrastructure, Puerto Colombia coast, Wetlands, ecological based approach.
92(sp1), 121-127, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: Human drifter, surf zone, microtidal beach, morphodynamic variability, beach states
92(sp1), 128-135, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: coastal management, water quality, Veracruz, Mexico, inlet management
92(sp1), 136-144, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: Type of coast, pressure indicators, land use, coastal regions, coastal compartments, coastal management
92(sp1), 145-156, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: estuaries, erosion, sedimentation, soil loss, coastal management, reforestation, dredging, ecosystem services valuation, anthropic impact
92(sp1), 157-164, (1 July 2019)
KEYWORDS: beach profile, principal components analysis – PCA, beach stability, wave energy, Brazilian Northeast.
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