Issue 3 (Special Issue: Climate Change and Ethnobiology edited by Steve Wolverton, Kimberly Chambers, and James R. Veteto)
VOL. 34 · NO. 3 | October 2014

Steve Wolverton, Kimberlee J. Chambers, James R. Veteto
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3), 273-275, (1 October 2014)
No abstract available
Jan Salick, Suresh K. Ghimire, Zhendong Fang, Sangay Dema, Katie M. Konchar
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3), 276-293, (1 October 2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Alpine vegetation, alpine ethnobotany, climate change, mitigation, GLORIA, Himalaya
Harneet Gill, Trevor Lantz
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3), 294-314, (1 October 2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: traditional ecological knowledge, Participatory mapping, climate change, environmental monitoring, Arctic, Gwich'in
L. Jen Shaffer
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3), 315-334, (1 October 2014)
KEYWORDS: environmental monitoring, participatory action research, adaptive learning, citizen science, livelihoods, knowledge co-production
Will McClatchey, David Reedy, Valentina Savo, Alonso Verde, José Fajardo Rodríguez
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3), 335-358, (1 October 2014)
KEYWORDS: climate change, apple orchard management, Adaptation, Europe
James R. Veteto, Stephen B. Carlson
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3), 359-382, (1 October 2014)
KEYWORDS: Appalachia, apples, climate change, climate variation, local knowledge
Julio C. Postigo
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3), 383-400, (1 October 2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: local knowledge, social-ecological systems, Adaptation
Michael G. Reid, Colleen Hamilton, Sarah K. Reid, William Trousdale, Cam Hill, Nancy Turner, Chris R. Picard, Cassandra Lamontagne, H. Damon Matthews
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3), 401-424, (1 October 2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: coastal adaptation, adaptation planning, resource dependent communities, values-based planning, First Nations, INDIGENOUS PEOPLES, Aboriginal peoples.
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3), 425-426, (1 October 2014)
No abstract available
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