Issue 3 (Special Section: Archaeology as Ethnobiology. Guest Edited by Lisa Nagaoka and Steve Wolverton)
VOL. 36 · NO. 3 | October 2016
Lisa Nagaoka, Steve Wolverton
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 473-475, (1 October 2016)
No abstract available
Jelmer W. Eerkens, Al W. Schwitalla, Howard J. Spero, Ryan Nesbit
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 476-492, (1 October 2016)
KEYWORDS: shellfishing, seasonality estimation, stable isotope analysis, fallback food, California prehistory
Robert J. Losey, Alexei V. Ivanov, Stanislav V. Palesskiy, Vladimir I. Bazaliiskii
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 493-511, (1 October 2016)
KEYWORDS: Trace elements, provenience, hunter-gatherers, Lake Baikal, marmots
Simone Riehl
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 512-534, (1 October 2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: archaeobotany, stable isotope analysis, Near East, NEOLITHIC, early agriculture
Christopher I. Roos, Julie S. Field, John V. Dudgeon
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 535-553, (1 October 2016)
KEYWORDS: human-environment impact, swidden farming, fire history, geoarchaeology, Oceania
William Timothy Treal Taylor, Tumurbaatar Tuvshinjargal, Jamsranjav Bayarsaikhan
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 554-570, (1 October 2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: horses, transport, osteology, Bronze Age, Mongolia
David Rhode
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 571-594, (1 October 2016)
KEYWORDS: Tibetan plateau, Qinghai Lake, charcoal, PREHISTORY, anthropogenic change
Leslie Reeder-Myers, Torben Rick, Darrin Lowery, John Wah, Gregory Henkes
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 595-616, (1 October 2016)
KEYWORDS: Chesapeake Bay, historical ecology, coastal archaeology, shell midden analysis, eastern oyster
Anna-Maria Rautio, Weronika Axelsson Linkowski, Lars Östlund
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 617-636, (1 October 2016)
KEYWORDS: traditional ecological knowledge, experimental harvest, interview, northern Sweden, forest history
Pablo César Stampella
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 637-657, (1 October 2016)
KEYWORDS: agrodiversity, citrus, ethnotaxonomy, in situ conservation, Argentina
Graciela Alcántara-Salinas, Roy F. Ellen, Jaime E. Rivera-Hernández
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 658-682, (1 October 2016)
KEYWORDS: Zapotec ethno-ornithology, biocognition, folk classifications, Oaxaca, Mexico
Andrew Flachs
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (3), 683-713, (1 October 2016) Open Access
KEYWORDS: organic agriculture, agrobiodiversity, India, farmer decision-making, sustainability
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