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1 December 2018 Index to Volume 52

The index includes references to general topics, common names, keywords, and authors. Reference is also made to book reviews and letters. Taxa other than raptors are included where referenced by authors.


Abernathy, Emily V., Joshua M. Hull, Allen M. Fish, and Christopher W. Briggs, Secondary anticoagulant rodenticide exposure in migrating juvenile Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) in relationship to body condition, 225–230

Accipiter melanoleucus, 19–30

nisus, 112–114

Active search, 420–430

Aegolius acadicus, 94–99, 245–249

funereus, 42–55

Africa, 491–499

Age effects, 379–388

Aggregation, 500–502

Agriculture, 250–256

Aguiar-Silva, F. Helena, see Zuluaga, Santiago

Airport, 282–290

Alborz Mountains, 530–533

Alligator mississippiensis, 516–518

Alligator, American, 516–518

Altitudinal movements, 519–521

Amar, Arjun, see Krüger, Sonja C.

Amar, Arjun, see Sumasgutner, Petra

Ammunition, 491–499

Anadón, José D., see Subedi, Tulsi R.

Analysis, compositional, 158–166

Andes foothills, 89–93

 Mountains, 89–93

Annapurna Himalaya Range, 443–453

Anticoagulant rodenticides, 225–230

Aquila chrysaetos, 82–88, 261–262

nipalensis, 530–533

Argentina, 316–325, 400–402, 420–430

Aristizabal, Daniel F., see Zuluaga, Santiago

Artificial burrow, 167–177

 nest, 454–470

 perch, 250–256

 structure, 108–111

Asio flammeus, 282–290

Atacama Desert, 89–93

Athene brama, 338–348

cunicularia, 129–142, 143–157, 158–166, 167–177, 178–190, 191–206, 207–224

cunicularia hypugaea, 454–470

Atlantic forest, 56–65, 115–117

Audio lure, 245–249

Austral migration, 89–93

Autonomous recording units, 42–55

Avinet, Inc., 66–71

Avoidance, 1–18


Baladrón, Alejandro V., Matías G. Pretelli, Matilde Cavalli, and María S. Bó, Activity budgets, foraging behavior, and diet of White-tailed Kites (Elanus leucurus) during breeding and nonbreeding seasons in the Argentine Pampas, 420–430

Banasch, Ursula, see Watson, James W.

Band, color, 66–71

 recovery, 102–103

Banding, bird, 100–101

 stations, 245–249

Baral, Hem S., see Subedi, Tulsi R.

Bayne, Erin M., see Shonfield, Julia

Bécares, Juan, see Rodríguez, Beneharo

Behavior, 112–114, 291–308

 social, 500–502

Behavioral patterns, 420–430

Bell, Douglas A., see Katzner, Todd E.

Belthoff, James R., see Riding, Corey S.

Belthoff, James R., see Stuber, Matthew J.

Benson, Robert H., see Crouch, Carter G.

Benson, Thomas J., see Wingert, Amber K.

Berger, Daniel D., In Memoriam, 120–121

Bertucci, Emily M., see Neri, Chris M.

Bibliography, 207–224

Bibliometrics, 207–224

Bildstein, Keith L., see Medel Hidalgo, Javier

Bildstein, Keith L., see Reeves, Mickey

Biochemistry, 72–81

Bird banding, 100–101

 strike, 282–290

Bloom, Peter H., see Katzner, Todd E.

Bó, María S., see Baladrón, Alejandro V.

Bowden, Christopher G. R., see Majgaonkar, Iravatee

Breeding Bird Survey, 129–142

Breeding, 19–30, 94–99, 108–111, 240–244, 309–315, 316–325, 400–402, 431–442, 511–515, 522–527

 dispersal, 143–157

 pair density, 454–470

Brennan, Leonard A., see Crouch, Carter G.

Briggs, Christopher W., see Abernathy, Emily V.

Broadcast surveys, 361–369

Brood loss, 528–529

Bubo blakistoni, 31–41

virginianus, 42–55

Buchanan, Joseph B., see Varland, Daniel E.

Buechley, Evan R., see Subedi, Tulsi R.

Buij, Ralph, see Subedi, Tulsi R.

Burn, 100–101, 102–103

Burrow, 129–142

 artificial, 167–177

Burrowing, 129–142

Buteo albigula, 89–93

jamaicensis, 225–230

regalis, 267–281

Buteogallus coronatus, 108–111, 316–325

Buzzard-Eagle, Black-chested, 400–402

Byer, Timothy, see Watson, James W.


California, 167–177, 225–230

Canary Islands, 503–510

Cannibalism, 393–399

Canis latrans, 471–483

Captivity, 72–81

Caracara cheriway, 407–419

Caracara, Crested, 407–419

 Striated, 309–315

 Yellow-headed, 104–107

Caravaca, Manuel, see Coulson, Jennifer O.

Carbofuran, 326–337

Carrion, 291–308, 471–483

Caspian Sea, 530–533

Cavalli, Matilde, see Baladrón, Alejandro V.

Cerda, Fabiola, see Doussang, Daniela

Chandarana, Ridhi, see Mehta, Prachi

Cholinesterase, 191–206

Cicadas, 115–117

Circus cyaneus, 393–399

Citizen science, 326–337, 511–515

Clanga clanga, 484–490

pomarina, 484–490

Clark, Richard J., see Lincer, Jeffrey L.

Cleaning symbiosis, 104–107

Collision, 1–18

Colombia, 522–527

Color band, 66–71

 dye, 66–71

 marking, 66–71

Coloration, 19–30

Communal roost, 370–378

Compositional analysis, 158–166

Condor, Andean, 72–81, 231–239

Conservation, 250–256, 484–490

Contreras-Balderas, Armando J., see Valdez-Gómez, Hector E.

Conway, Courtney J., Spatial and temporal patterns in population trends and burrow usage of Burrowing Owls in North America, 129–142

Cooper, Jeff L., see Katzner, Todd E.

Coragyps atratus, 104–107

Corvus corax, 471–483

Coulson, Jennifer O., Emmanuel Rondeau, and Manuel Caravaca, Yellow-headed Caracara and Black Vulture cleaning Baird's tapir, 104–107

Coyote, 471–483

Critically endangered, 431–442

Crofts, Sarah, see Reeves, Mickey

Crouch, Carter G., Robert H. Benson, and Leonard A. Brennan, Comparison of two color-marking techniques for American Kestrels in south Texas, 66–71

Crouch, Carter G., Robert H. Benson, and Leonard A. Brennan, American Kestrel nonbreeding roost use and behavior in south Texas, 370–378

Cruz, Michael Á., see Watson, James W.


Daniel, Ian, see Stanback, Mark T.

DDT, 191–206

De Lucca, Eduardo R., see Saggese, Miguel D.

Density, breeding pair, 454–470

Deshpande, Prashant, see Pande, Satish

Desmond, Martha, see Griffin, Eboni

Detectability, 56–65

Detection rate, 361–369

Dewhirst, David, see Rainwater, Thomas R.

DeWoody, J. Andrew, see Katzner, Todd E.

Didonato, Joseph E., see Katzner, Todd E.

Diet, 240–244, 261–262, 338–348, 420–430, 516–518

Direct-seeded rice, 326–337

Dispersal, 267–281, 503–510

 breeding, 143–157

 distance, 143–157

 likelihood, 143–157

Displacement, 1–18

Distance, inter-individual, 500–502

Distribution, 94–99, 129–142

Diurnal raptors, 379–388

Diversity, genetic, 31–41

dos Santos-Filho, Manuel, see Oliveira, Camilo Viana

Doussang, Daniela, Cristina Palma, Lucila Moreno, Brayan Zambrano, Eduardo Pavéz, Fabiola Cerda, and Daniel González-Acuña, Hematological and biochemical parameters of captive Andean Condors, 72–81

Doyle, Jacqueline M., see Katzner, Todd E.

Driscoll, Daniel, see Katzner, Todd E.

Dwyer, James F., James D. Fraser, and Joan L. Morrison, Evolution of communal roosting: a social refuge–territory prospecting hypothesis, 407–419

Dykema, Zachary A., see Neri, Chris M.


Eagle, Bald, 471–483, 516–518, 528–529

 Black-and-chestnut, 522–527

 Chaco, 108–111, 316–325

 Crowned Solitary, 316–325

 Crowned, 316–325

 Golden, 82–88, 261–262

 Greater Spotted, 484–490

 Harpy, 522–527

 Lesser Spotted, 484–490

 Southern Bald, 528–529

 Steppe, 530–533

Ecology, urban, 19–30

 winter, 267–281

Ecosystem services, 250–256

Ecuador, 522–527

Eggshell thickness, 191–206

Elanus leucurus, 420–430

Electric shock, 102–103

Electrocution, 102–103

Ellis, David H., see Saggese, Miguel D.

Ellis, Martha M., see Grubb, Teryl G.

Elsey, Ruth M., see Rainwater, Thomas R.

Endangered, critically, 431–442

 species, 503–510

Energy, 1–18

 renewable, 1–18

Environment, human-altered, 158–166

Exposure, secondary, 225–230


Facebook, 326–337

Falco deiroleucus, 519–521

naumanni, 511–515

peregrinus, 291–308, 500–502

peregrinus pelegrinoides, 503–510

sparverius, 66–71, 100–101, 102–103, 370–378

sparverius paulus, 389–392

Falcon, Barbary, 503–510

 Orange-breasted, 519–521

 Peregrine, 291–308, 500–502, 503–510

Falkland Islands, 309–315

Fallon, Katie, 119

Farmer, Christopher J., see Watson, Richard T.

Feeding, 291–308

Fernández-Bellon, Darío, Mark W. Wilson, Sandra Irwin, Thomas C. Kelly, Barry O'Mahony, and John O'Halloran, Video evidence of siblicide and cannibalism, movement of nestlings by adults, and interactions with predators in nesting Hen Harriers, 393–399

Ferrer, Miguel, see Watson, Richard T.

Fish, Allen M., see Abernathy, Emily V.

Fishing, 112–114

Fish-Owl, Blakiston's, 31–41

Flare, 100–101

Fleming, Tracy L., and Joel E. Pagel, In Memoriam: R. Wayne Nelson, 1945–2017, 122–125

Fleming, Tracy L., see Lincer, Jeffrey L.

Fleming, Tracy L., see Varland, Daniel E.

Floater, 407–419

Food cache, 257–260

Foothills, Andes, 89–93

Foraging, 291–308

 areas, 231–239

 range, 178–190

Forest, Atlantic, 56–65, 115–117

Fossorial, 129–142

Fraser, James D., see Dwyer, James F.

Frye, Graham G., see Jageman, Harry R.


Gal, Adiv, and Reuven Yosef, The contribution of citizen science to the conservation of the Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) in Israel, 511–515

Galmes, Maximiliano A., José H. Sarasola, Juan Manuel Grande, and F. Hernán Vargas, Parental care of the endangered Chaco Eagle (Buteogallus coronatus) in central Argentina, 316–325

Garton, Edward O., see Jageman, Harry R.

Generalized linear models, 231–239

Genetic diversity, 31–41

Genome, whole mitochondrial, 31–41

Geranoaetus melanoleucus, 400–402

polyosoma, 89–93

Gerhardt, Rick, see Watson, James W.

Ghafouri, Bahareh, see Panuccio, Michele

Glacial periods, 31–41

Glaucidium gnoma, 349–360

nana, 118

radiatum, 338–348

González-Acuña, Daniel, see Doussang, Daniela

Grande, Juan Manuel, Carlos Strelkov, and Fernando Gabriel López, Records of Orange-breasted Falcons in urban and suburban areas of northwestern Argentina, 519–521

Grande, Juan Manuel, see Galmes, Maximiliano A.

Grande, Juan Manuel, see Zuluaga, Santiago

Grassland, 129–142

puna, 231–239

Griffin, Eboni, Martha Desmond, and Dawn VanLeeuwen, Juvenile Burrowing Owl nighttime space-use in southern New Mexico, 158–166

Ground squirrel, California, 454–470

Grubb, Teryl G., Roy G. Lopez, and Martha M. Ellis, Winter scavenging of ungulate carcasses by Bald Eagles, Common Ravens, and coyotes in northern Arizona, 417–483

Grubb, Teryl G., see Katzner, Todd E.

Guild, 471–483

Gulf of Mexico, 500–502

Gurung, Sandesh, see Subedi, Tulsi R.

Gypaetus barbatus, 443–453, 491–499

Gyps, 431–442

bengalensis, 431–442


Habitat, 178–190, 250–256

 limitation, 407–419

 models, 231–239

 selection, 349–360

Haliaeetus leucocephalus, 471–483, 516–518, 528–529

leucocephalus leucocephalus, 528–529

Hallingstad, Eric, see Harrison, Jordan T.

Hanni, David, see Watson, James W.

Hardie, Ben, see Stanback, Mark T.

Harpia harpyja, 522–527

Harrier, Hen, 393–399

Harrington, Katie, A review of Vulture: The Private Life of an Unloved Bird, by Katie Fallon, 2017, 119

Harrison, Jordan T., and Eric Hallingstad, Direct observation of insectivory by a Golden Eagle, 261–262

Hawk, Ferruginous, 267–281

 Red-tailed, 225–230

 Variable, 89–93

 White-throated, 89–93

Heemskerk, Sarah, see Shonfield, Julia

Hematology, 72–81

Hernandez, Cecilia L., Seth C. Oster, and Jennifer L. Newbrey, Retrospective study of raptors treated at the Southeastern Raptor Center in Auburn, Alabama, 379–388

Heteroglaux blewitti, 338–348

Holroyd, Geoffrey L., see Valdez-Gómez, Hector E.

Holt, Denver W., A review of The Snowy Owl, by Eugene Potapov and Richard Sale, 2012, 403–405

Hong, Shiao-Yu, Hui-Shan Lin, Bruno A. Walther, Ji-En Shie, and Yuan-Hsun Sun, Recent avian poisonings suggest a secondary poisoning crisis of Black Kites during the 1980s in Taiwan, 326–337

Hooper, Michael J., see Stuber, Matthew J.

Hope, Charlotte P., see Rainwater, Thomas R.

Hull, Joshua M., see Abernathy, Emily V.

Human-altered environments, 158–166

Human–raptor conflict, 282–290

Hunt, W. Grainger, see Watson, Richard T.

Hunting mode, 420–430

Huso, Manuela, see Watson, Richard T.

Hybrid, 484–490


Idaho, 143–157, 191–206

Illinois, 361–369

In Memoriam: Daniel D. Berger, 1932–2016, 120–121

In Memoriam: R. Wayne Nelson, 1945–2017, 122–125

Incubation period, 118

India, 240–244, 338–348, 431–442

Information center hypothesis, 407–419

Insect, 261–262

Insecticide, 191–206

Insectivory, 261–262

Inter-individual distance, 500–502

Iran, 530–533

Irwin, Sandra, see Fernández-Bellon, Darío

Islands, Canary, 503–510

Islas Malvinas, 309–315

Israel, 511–515


Jackman, Ronald E., see Katzner, Todd E.

Jageman, Harry R., Graham G. Frye, and Edward O. Garton, Habitat selection by Northern Pygmy-Owls in the Rocky Mountains, 349–360

Johnson, Naira, see Watson, Richard T.

Juvenile, 158–166, 503–510


Katzner, Todd E., see Watson, Richard T.

Katzner, Todd, E., Daniel Driscoll, Ronald E. Jackman, Peter H. Bloom, Scott Thomas, Jeff L. Cooper, Stephen Living, Teryl G. Grubb, Jacqueline M. Doyle, Douglas A. Bell, Joseph E. Didonato, and J. Andrew DeWoody, Non-anthropogenic diet-based oiling of predatory birds, 82–88

Kelly, Thomas C., see Fernández-Bellon, Darío

Kenney, Mary Kay, see Varland, Daniel E.

Kéry, Marc, see Paganini, Silvan T.

Kestrel, American, 66–71, 100–101, 102–103, 370–378

 Lesser, 511–515

 Southeastern American, 389–392

Kite, Black, 326–337

 White-tailed, 420–430

Koeslag, Ann, see Sumasgutner, Petra

Kohyama, Tetsuo I., see Omote, Keita

Kolar, Patrick S., see Watson, Richard T.

Krol, Wojciech, Successful renesting after brood loss by Southern Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus leucocephalus), 528–529

Kross, Sara M., see Wong, Emily L.

Krüger, Sonja C., and Arjun Amar, Lead exposure in the critically endangered Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) population in southern Africa, 491–499

Kulkarni, Jayant, see Mehta, Prachi


Lafón, Alberto, see Watson, James W.

Lead poisoning, 491–499

Lin, Hui-Shan, see Hong, Shiao-Yu

Lincer, Jeffrey L., Richard J. Clark, Tracy L. Fleming, and Alan Sieradzki, A review of Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) literature using bibliometric comparisons: topical bibliographies and online databases, 207–224

Lindsay, Alec R., see Neri, Chris M.

Line-transect distance sampling, 443–453

Linnell, Kimberly E., and Brian E. Washburn, Assessing owl collisions with US civil and US Air Force aircraft, 282–290

Literature, 207–224

Living, Stephen, see Katzner, Todd E.

Long-term occupancy, 400–402

López, Fernando Gabriel, see Grande, Juan Manuel

Lopez, Roy G., see Grubb, Teryl G.

Lorenzo, Juan Antonio, see Rodríguez, Beneharo


Maciorowski, Grzegorz, Reuven Yosef, Ülo Väli, and Piotr Tryjanowski, Nutritional condition of hybrid nestlings is similar to that of pure-species offspring of spotted eagles (Clanga clanga × C. pomarina), 484–490

Mackentley, Nova, see Neri, Chris M.

Mahajan, Murlidhar N., see Pande, Satish

Majgaonkar, Iravatee, Christopher G. R. Bowden, and Suhel Quader, Nesting success and nest-site selection of White-rumped Vultures (Gyps bengalensis) in western Maharashtra, India, 431–442

Marks, Jeffrey S., Miguel Á. Santillán, Diego E. Procopio, and Alejandro Travaini, Incubation period of the Austral Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium nana): a correction, 118

Masuda, Ryuichi, see Omote, Keita

McCready, Robert, see Watson, James W.

Medel Hidalgo, Javier, Keith L. Bildstein, Roberto P. Schlatter, and Juan G. Navedo, Discovery of an austral migratory corridor for raptors in South America, 89–93

Medina, Juan Pablo, Jessica M. Sánchez-Jasso, Spencer G. Sealy, Celene Salgado-Miranda, and Edgardo Soriano-Vargas, Highest elevational records for Northern Saw-whet Owls (Aegolius acadicus), 94–99

Megascops asio, 257–260

sanctaecatarinae, 115–117

Mehta, Prachi, Jayant Kulkarni, Shyamakant Talmale, and Ridhi Chandarana, Diets of sympatric Forest Owlets, Spotted Owlets, and Jungle Owlets in East Kalibhit forests, Madhya Pradesh, India, 338–348

Menzel, Sandra, Artificial burrow use by Burrowing Owls in northern California, 167–177

Mérő, Thomas Oliver, see Mester, Béla

Mester, Béla, and Thomas Oliver Mérő, Unusual fishing behavior of the Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus), 112–114

Methane, 100–101

Mexico, 94–99, 178–190, 263–265

Meyer, Tom, see Robichaud, William

Migration, 225–230, 245–249, 267–281, 500–502

 raptor, 530–533

 spring, 263–265

 watchsites, 89–93

Miller, Karl. E., see Tracy, Ken F.

Milvago chimachima, 104–107

Milvus migrans, 326–337

Mitigation, 1–18, 167–177

Molecular phylogeny, 31–41

Moreno, Lucila, see Doussang, Daniela

Morph, 19–30

Morrison, Joan L., see Dwyer, James F.

Morrison, Michael L., see Smallwood, K. Shawn,

Morrow, Jill, see Morrow, Lance

Morrow, Lance, and Jill Morrow, A burned American Kestrel breeding in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, 100–101

Morrow, Lance, and Jill Morrow, American Kestrel surviving with electric shock injuries, 102–103

Mortality, 1–18

Mountains, Andes, 89–93

Movement, altitudinal, 519–521

Murphy, Thomas M., see Rainwater, Thomas R.

Myiopsitta monachus, 389–392


Natal philopatry, 167–177

Navedo, Juan G., see Medel Hidalgo, Javier

Nelson, R. Wayne, In Memoriam, 122–125

Nelson, R. Wayne, see Saggese, Miguel D.

Neotropical raptors, 519–521

Nepal, 443–453

Neri, Chris M., Nova Mackentley, Zachary A. Dykema, Emily M. Bertucci, and Alec R. Lindsay, Different audio-lures lead to different sex-biases in capture of Northern Saw-whet Owls (Aegolius acadicus), 245–249

Nest, 316–325, 522–527

 artificial, 454–470

 camera, 393–399

 defense, 393–399

 site, 400–402

Nesting, 108–111, 240–244, 454–470, 511–515

 association, 389–392

 success, 431–442

 territory, 400–402

Nestling moving, 393–399

Nest-site fidelity, 167–177

 limitation, 389–392

 reuse, 454–470

New Mexico, 158–166

Newbrey, Jennifer L., see Hernandez, Cecilia L.

Nijman, Vincent, Observations of spring raptor migration at Palenque, Mexico, 263–265

Nishida, Chizuko, see Omote, Keita

Nocturnal raptors, 379–388

Nonbreeding, 407–419

Nourani, Elham, see Panuccio, Michele

Nygård, Torgeir, see Watson, Richard T.


Observations, 56–65

Occupancy, long-term, 400–402

O'Halloran, John, see Fernández-Bellon, Darío

Oiling of wildlife, natural, 82–88

Oliveira, Camilo Viana, Fabio Olmos, Manuel dos Santos-Filho, and Christine Steiner São Bernardo, Observation of diurnal soaring raptors in northeastern Brazil depends on weather conditions and time of day, 56–65

Olmos, Fabio, see Oliveira, Camilo Viana

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Oster, Seth C., see Hernandez, Cecilia L.

Overprovisioning, 82–88

Owl, 282–290

 Barn, 282–290, 361–369

 Barred, 42–55

 Boreal, 42–55

 Burrowing, 129–142, 143–157, 158–166, 167–177, 178–190, 191–206, 207–224

 Great Horned, 42–55

 Northern Saw-whet, 94–99, 245–249

 Short-eared, 282–290

 Western Burrowing, 454–470

Owlet, Forest, 338–348

 Jungle, 338–348

 Spotted, 338–348


p,p'-DDE, 191–206

Paganini, Silvan T., Amanda Stafford, Johann von Hirschheydt, and Marc Kéry, A large aggregation of 50 Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus) during migration in the western Gulf of Mexico, 500–502

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Parakeet, Monk, 389–392

Parameter, 72–81

Parental care, 316–325

Passive acoustic monitoring, 42–55

Passive search, 420–430

Patagonia, 400–402

Pavéz, Eduardo, see Doussang, Daniela

Pawar, Rajkumar, see Pande, Satish

Pellets, 115–117

Perch, artificial, 250–256

Pesticide, 191–206, 326–337

Phalcoboenus australis, 309–315

Philopatry, natal, 167–177

Phylogeny, molecular, 31–41

Piana, Renzo P., and F. Hernán Vargas, Preliminary habitat models of foraging and roosting sites used by two rehabilitated adult male Andean Condors (Vultur gryphus) in Peru, 231–239

Platt, Steven G., see Rainwater, Thomas R.

Poison, 443–453

Poisoning, lead, 491–499

Polymorphism, 19–30

Population, 491–499

 abundance, 443–453

 bottleneck, 31–41

 survey, 309–315

 trend, 129–142

Potapov, Eugene, 403–405

Predation, 112–114, 516–518

Pretelli, Matías G., see Baladrón, Alejandro V.

Prey, 240–244, 291–308, 338–348, 420–430, 500–502

Procopio, Diego E., see Marks, Jeffrey S.

Public information, 407–419

Puna grassland, 231–239

Pygmy-Owl, Austral, 118

 Northern, 349–360


Quader, Suhel, see Majgaonkar, Iravatee

Quaglia, Agustin I. E., see Saggese, Miguel D.


Radio telemetry, 158–166

Rainwater, Thomas R., David Dewhirst, Charlotte P. Hope, Thomas M. Murphy, Steven G. Platt, Ruth M. Elsey, and Philip M. Wilkinson, Bald Eagle predation by an American alligator, 516–518

Range, foraging, 178–190

Raptor(s), 1–18, 56–65, 484–490

 diurnal, 379–388

 migration, 530–533

 Neotropical, 519–521

 nocturnal, 379–388

 rehabilitation, 379–388

 suburban, 519–521

 urban, 519–521

Raven, Common, 471–483

Recapture, 100–101

Recognizers, 42–55

Reeves, Mickey, Sarah Crofts, and Keith L. Bildstein, Distribution and abundance of breeding Striated Caracaras in the Falkland Islands (Malvinas), 309–315

Reference values, 72–81

Release rates, 379–388

Remote sensing, 503–510

Renesting, 528–529

Renewable energy, 1–18

Reproductive rate, 19–30, 240–244

Response rate, 361–369

Riding, Corey S., and James R. Belthoff, Breeding dispersal by Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia) in Idaho, 143–157

Rio Grande do Sul, 115–117

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Rodenticide, 326–337

anticoagulant, 225–230

Rodríguez, Airam, see Rodríguez, Beneharo

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Rondeau, Emmanuel, see Coulson, Jennifer O.

Roost, 178–190, 370–378

 site use, 370–378

Roosting, 257–260

 sites, 231–239

Rose, Sanjo, see Sumasgutner, Petra


Saggese, Miguel D., Eduardo R. De Lucca, Agustin I. E. Quaglia, R. Wayne Nelson, and David H. Ellis, Long-term nesting territory occupancy of Black-chested Buzzard-Eagles (Geranoaetus melanoleucus) in Patagonia, Argentina, 400–402

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