VOL. 81 · NO. 4 | October 2008

Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society
Research Articles
81(4), 315-327, (1 October 2008)https://doi.org/10.2317/JKES801.29.1
KEYWORDS: blue orchard bee, Osmia lignaria, foraging, Innate preference, learning and memory, Social theory
81(4), 328-338, (1 October 2008)https://doi.org/10.2317/JKES803.18.1
KEYWORDS: Big-eyed bugs, beneficial arthropods, buffalograss, biological control, chinch bugs
81(4), 339-344, (1 October 2008)https://doi.org/10.2317/JKES802.09.1
KEYWORDS: biocontrol, Chalcidoidea, Coccoidea, Hemiptera, host-parasitoid, Hymenoptera, Turkey, globose scale, biyolojik savaş, konukçu-asalak, Türkiye, Sphaerolecanium prunastri
81(4), 345-354, (1 October 2008)https://doi.org/10.2317/JKES804.08.1
KEYWORDS: chestnut weevil, Curculio sayi, Curculionidae, weevil monitoring, soil distribution
81(4), 355-367, (1 October 2008)https://doi.org/10.2317/JKES-0710.30.1
KEYWORDS: Patellapis, Chaetalictus, Lomatalictus, redefinition, southern Africa
81(4), 368-372, (1 October 2008)https://doi.org/10.2317/802.02.1
KEYWORDS: Braconidae, Ichneumonoidea, Tertiary, paleontology, taxonomy, amber
81(4), 373-376, (1 October 2008)https://doi.org/10.2317/0412.07.1
KEYWORDS: Tipulidae, Ouachita Highlands, new regional records
81(4), 377-391, (1 October 2008)https://doi.org/10.2317/JKES804.29.1
KEYWORDS: darkling beetles, Tenebrionidae, Eleodes, eastern Colorado, Great Plains, U.S.A
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