Journal of the North Atlantic
No. 37: Dairy Farmers and Seal Hunters: Subsistence on a Norse Farm in the Eastern Settlement, Greenland
VOL. 2018 | NO. 37
December 2018
Journal of the North Atlantic
Special Volume 11: Selected Papers from the North Atlantic Archaeology Group 2013 Symposium: The Viking Age and the Early Middle Ages
VOL. 11 | NO. sp1
No. 36: Central Places in a Rural Archaeological Landscape
VOL. 2018 | NO. 36
October 2018
No. 35: Fire in the Moor: Mesolithic Carbonised Remains in Riverine Deposits at Gleann Mor Barabhais, Lewis, Western Isles of Scotland
VOL. 2018 | NO. 35
September 2018
No. 34: Taming the Waterways: The Europeanization of Southern Québec's Riverside Landscapes during the 16th–18th Centuries
VOL. 2018 | NO. 34
February 2018
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