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1 July 2001 Otodectic Otoacariasis in Free-Ranging Eurasian Lynx in Sweden
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An infestation with Otodectes cynotis, the ear mite of cats and dogs, was observed in three free-ranging Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) killed in Sweden. The ear canals were obstructed by waxy secretions and exfoliated epithelium. Histologically, there were hyperkeratosis and acanthosis, and the epithelial surface was overlained by hyperkeratotic and parakeratotic crusts with mites, mite detritus and cerumen. In the subcutis there was a slight to moderate infiltration of lymphocytes and macrophages. The ceruminous glands were hypertrophic and hyperplastic, and there was also an hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands. The lesions seemed to correlate with the degree of infestation. To our knowledge, this is the first report of otoacariasis in free-ranging lynx.

Degiorgis, Hård af Segerstad, Christensson, and Mörner: Otodectic Otoacariasis in Free-Ranging Eurasian Lynx in Sweden
Marie-Pierre Degiorgis, Carl Hård af Segerstad, Bodil Christensson, and Torsten Mörner "Otodectic Otoacariasis in Free-Ranging Eurasian Lynx in Sweden," Journal of Wildlife Diseases 37(3), 626-629, (1 July 2001).
Received: 16 May 2000; Published: 1 July 2001

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