VOL. 71 · NO. 3 | May 2007
Journal of Wildlife Management
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-285
KEYWORDS: graphical interpretation, linear model, logistic regression, model interpretation, models, multiple linear regression, polynomials, regression
Research Articles
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-692
KEYWORDS: bats, Big Brown Bat, California, Eptesicus fuscus, Lasionycteris noctivagans, logistic regression, Myotis yumanensis, predicting species occurrence, Silver-haired Bat, Yuma myotis
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2004-354
KEYWORDS: Eastern Europe, Fennoscandia, France, hunting, migration, Scolopax rusticola
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-630
KEYWORDS: density dependence, harvest, Meleagris gallopavo, nonlinear parameter, theta-Ricker, wild turkey
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-675
KEYWORDS: Alpine ibex, Capra ibex, compositional analysis, habitat selection, Italy, Parental care, spatial use
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-689
KEYWORDS: age of first reproduction, cub survival, fecundity, Florida, Florida black bear, Kaplan–Meier survival estimate, litter size, reproductive ecology, Ursus americanus floridanus.
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-684
KEYWORDS: anthropogenic structures, Big Brown Bat, Eptesicus fuscus, information theory, landscape scale, maternity-roost selection, microhabitat scale, urbanization
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-685
KEYWORDS: Antilocapra americana, cause-specific mortality, predation, pronghorn, South Dakota, survival, Wind Cave National Park
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-738
KEYWORDS: habitat, habitat selection, information-theoretic approach, intensive forest management, landscape metrics, logistic regression, Meleagris gallopavo silvestris, Mississippi, pine silviculture, wild turkey
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-745
KEYWORDS: acid digestion, Arctic ungulates, dry matter disappearance, moss, muskoxen, Ovibos moschatus, winter diet
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-754
KEYWORDS: Crotalus adamanteus, Crotalus horridus, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, habitat model, landscape, logistic regression, longleaf pine, reptile, timber rattlesnake
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-011
KEYWORDS: cooperative breeding, Halcyon cinnamomina, island conservation, Micronesia, Micronesian kingfisher, movement, Pohnpei, Todiramphus cinnamominus
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-091
KEYWORDS: Cervus elaphus roosevelti, constant proportionality, incomplete counts, population estimation, Roosevelt elk, sighting probabilities
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-196
KEYWORDS: amphipods, Aythya affinis, Aythya marila, bioaccumulation, chironomid larvae, chromium, fingernail clam, lesser scaup, selenium, zebra mussel
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-583
KEYWORDS: conservation, Florida, gopher tortoise, Gopherus polyphemus, population viability, reintroduction, relocation, retention, translocation
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-350
KEYWORDS: Branta canadensis, Chesapeake Bay, herbivory, Patuxent River, resident Canada Geese, wild rice, Zizania aquatica, var, aquatica.
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-608
KEYWORDS: Cervus elaphus, elasticity, elk, Life-Stage Simulation Analysis, Matrix population models, POPULATION GROWTH, sensitivity, survival, variance, vital rates
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-366
KEYWORDS: deer management units, habitat potential, habitat type, Michigan, migration, Odocoileus virginianus, spatial structure, white-tailed deer
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-373
KEYWORDS: bird–aircraft strike hazard, black-tailed prairie dog, Cynomys ludovicianus,, Falconiformes, hawk, raptor
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-713
KEYWORDS: harvest, hunting regulations, male mule deer, Montana, nonhunting mortality, Odocoileus hemionus hemionus, population, predation, program MARK, radiocollars, survival
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-722
KEYWORDS: Black-capped Vireo, Fort Hood, nest-site selection, spatial scale, Texas, use–availability, Vireo atricapilla
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-729
KEYWORDS: Callipepla squamata, Colinus virginianus, cycles, northern bobwhites, Palmer Drought Severity Index, population dynamics, scaled quail, synchrony
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-022
KEYWORDS: agriculture, Core area, corn, crop damage, fragmentation, home range, Indiana, Procyon lotor, raccoon, radiotelemetry
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-027
KEYWORDS: Canis latrans, coyote, habitat, Illinois, mortality, Odocoileus virginianus, predator, survival, white-tailed deer
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-068
KEYWORDS: abundance, Anas bahamensis, Culebra Island, distance sampling, point-transect surveys, Puerto Rico, Vieques Island, Wetlands, White-cheeked Pintail
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-131
KEYWORDS: Cervus elaphus, global positioning system, habitat selection, negative binomial, resource selection probability function, Rocky Mountain elk, Wyoming
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-134
KEYWORDS: Aix sponsa, cavity longevity, Illinois, natural cavities, projection, Wood Ducks
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-203
KEYWORDS: birth mass, fawns, habitat, mule deer, New Mexico, nutritional condition, Odocoileus hemionus, population, survival
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006.101
KEYWORDS: age-specific reproduction, Colinus virginianus, northern bobwhite, population dynamics, reproductive ecology, Texas
Research Notes
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-564
KEYWORDS: Anas, California, dabbling ducks, nesting success, rotational grazing
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-753
KEYWORDS: Antilocapra americana, density independence, drought, Palmer indices, Precipitation, pronghorn, Texas, Trans-Pecos
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-056
KEYWORDS: Balsam fir, forage selection, nutrition, Odocoileus virginianus, population density, white spruce, white-tailed deer, winter diet
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-066
KEYWORDS: annual range, fecundity, Felis catus, feral cats, movement, radiotagged, survival
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-153
KEYWORDS: Canis lupus, marrow fat, mortality, nutritional condition, Odocoileus virginianus, predation, white-tailed deer, wolf
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-031
KEYWORDS: black bear, habitat modeling, Mahalanobis distance, Oklahoma, Ursus americanus, validation
Human Dimensions Articles
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-075
KEYWORDS: behavior, brown bears, displacement, ecotourism, nutrition, resource use, Ursus arctos
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-116
KEYWORDS: abandonment, Canis latrans, coyote, exurban, fawn, neonatal mortality, Odocoileus virginianus, predation, survival rates, white-tailed deer
Techniques and Technology Articles
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-123
KEYWORDS: birth site, Colorado, fawn, fetus, mule deer, neonate, Odocoileus hemionus, survival, vaginal implant transmitter
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-408
KEYWORDS: census, Fingerprint, fisher, footprint, identification, Martes pennanti, track plate
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-695
KEYWORDS: Bayesian analysis, Cervus elaphus, deer, dung counts, indices, monitoring, New Zealand, pellet frequency, pellet group counts
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-775
KEYWORDS: Bartramia longicauda, glue, harness, Kansas, radio attachment, shorebird, survival, Upland Sandpiper
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-081
KEYWORDS: broadcast, cactus ferruginous pygmy-owl, detectability, detection probability, Glaucidium brasilianum cactorum, response distance, response rate, response time, Sonora, tape playback surveys
Techniques and Technology Notes
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-633
KEYWORDS: Ambystoma tigrinum mavortium, Barred Tiger Salamander, funnel trapping, larval amphibians, playas, sampling bias, spadefoot toads, Spea bombifrons, Spea multiplicata, Texas
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-678
KEYWORDS: Biotelemetry, bivariate normal, home range, kernel, global positioning system, maximum likelihood, nonresponse, observation bias, telemetry
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2005-696
KEYWORDS: Avian, inference, sample size, satellite telemetry
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-042
KEYWORDS: accuracy, Argos, error, Europe, platform transmitter terminal, satellite telemetry, satellite tracking
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2006-186
KEYWORDS: box trap, Brachylagus idahoensis, California, drift fence, Havahart™, Nevada, noose, pygmy rabbit, sagebrush, trapping
Book Review
71(3), (1 May 2007) https://doi.org/10.2193/2007-068
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