VOL. 49 · NO. 1 | January 2006

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Full Papers
49(1), 1-5, (1 January 2006)https://doi.org/10.4002/1543-8120-49.1.1
KEYWORDS: Littoraria angulifera, mangroves, phenotypic variation, radula, rock substratum
49(1), 7-23, (1 January 2006)https://doi.org/10.4002/1543-8120-49.1.7
KEYWORDS: gastropod communities, lowland rivers, biodiversity indices, agricultural areas, biological indicators, bottom sediments, Viviparus viviparus (Linnaeus, 1758), Lymnaea peregra (O. F. Müller, 1774)
49(1), 25-59, (1 January 2006)https://doi.org/10.4002/1543-8120-49.1.25
KEYWORDS: Fossil land snails, Porto Santo, Pleistocene, Holocene
49(1), 61-77, (1 January 2006)https://doi.org/10.4002/1543-8120-49.1.61
KEYWORDS: NADPH-diaphorase, nitric oxide (NO) synthase, enteric nervous system, neurons, nervous plexuses, secretory cells, brush border epithelial cells, bivalve
49(1), 79-105, (1 January 2006)https://doi.org/10.4002/1543-8120-49.1.79
KEYWORDS: schistosomiasis, epidemiology, intervention, China, Poyang Lake, Oncomelania hupensis, Schistosoma japonicum, snail infections, hot spots, disease transmission, ecological partitioning, Analysis of variance
49(1), 107-119, (1 January 2006)https://doi.org/10.4002/1543-8120-49.1.107
KEYWORDS: Adelomelon brasiliana, Volutidae, oviposition, distribution pattern, storm events, intracapsular development stages, reproductive season
49(1), 121-188, (1 January 2006)https://doi.org/10.4002/1543-8120-49.1.121
KEYWORDS: Helicoidea, Xanthonychidae, Epiphragmophora, South America, cladistics, taxonomy, dart sac complex, biogeography
49(1), 189-208, (1 January 2006)https://doi.org/10.4002/1543-8120-49.1.189
KEYWORDS: freshwater Gastropoda, Native species, richness, distribution, Del Plata basin, Patagonia, Argentina
Research Notes
49(1), 211-215, (1 January 2006)https://doi.org/10.4002/1543-8120-49.1.211
KEYWORDS: Hirtudiscus, Scolodontidae, systematics, Colombia
Letter to the Editor
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