Focus Issue: Adaptation to Climate Change and Sustainable Mountain Development—Assessing Approaches and Understanding Implications for the Future
VOL. 39 · NO. 2 | May 2019
Publisher Information
39(2), D1-D13, (18 October 2019)
KEYWORDS: Participatory scenario planning, glacial land-cover mapping, land-use mapping, outdoor recreation, climate change adaptation, local stakeholders, VatnajökullNational Park, Iceland
39(2), D14-D26, (28 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: risk communication, protection-motivation theory, migrants, floods, disaster risk reduction, property-level flood-risk adaptation, climate change adaptation
39(2), D27-D41, (28 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: Mountain pasture, climate change vulnerability, French Alps, climatic hazards, pastoralism, livestock farming adaptation
39(2), R1-R11, (18 October 2019)
KEYWORDS: Cryosphere dynamics, irrigation networks, adaptation strategies, sociohydrology, Himalaya, India, Pakistan
39(2), R12-R20, (9 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: Altai Mountains, Glaciers, water security, climate change, Mongolia
39(2), R21-R34, (28 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: water shortage, high tropical Andes, ecosystem, environmental changes, local knowledge, Irrigation agriculture, water user associations, local institutions, adaptive capacity
39(2), R35-R54, (28 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: climate change, community perceptions, epistemologies, Himalayas, political ecology, Uttarakhand
39(2), R55-R68, (28 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: Climatic changes, Climate adaptation, local/regional climate data analysis, participatory approach, rural livelihoods, context vulnerability, Ecuador, Andes
39(2), A1-A11, (28 October 2019)
KEYWORDS: Glaciers, monitoring strategy, mountain regions, country profiles
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