Focus Issue: The Role of Culture in Transformation Towards Sustainable Development in Mountains
VOL. 39 · NO. 4 | November 2019
Publisher Information
39(4), D1-D10, (15 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: cultural heritage, indigenous territoriality, rural development, heritage tourism, landscape, Andes, Chile, Bolivia
39(4), D11-D20, (15 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: Adaptive strategies, rangeland decollectivization, herding, rangeland contract policy, nomadic settlement project, Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau
39(4), D21-D28, (15 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: social farming, family farms, SOUTH TYROL, agricultural values, cultural values, traditions, educational services, women farmers
39(4), R1-R9, (15 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: Páramos, cultural resilience, social–ecological systems, collective resource management, communal governance, Ecuador, Andes
39(4), R10-R19, (15 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: preparedness, prevention, segmentation, resilience, value orientations, natural hazards, tourism entrepreneurs, Nepal
39(4), R20-R26, (15 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: hospitality, augmented product, tourism, mountain, tradition, commodification, digital travel data, hybrid approach, Georgia
39(4), R27-R36, (15 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: forest, Water, community perceptions, Nepal mid-hills, community forestry
39(4), R37-R48, (15 November 2019)
KEYWORDS: Chiang nationality, costume geography, cultural heritage, cultural symbol, spatial differentiation, geodetector
39(4), R49-R59, (15 December 2019)
KEYWORDS: transhumance, pastoralism, mountain, cattle breeding, pasture, traditional institutions, institutional hybrids, North Caucasus
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