Focus Issue: Mountain Biodiversity and Sustainable Development
VOL. 40 · NO. 2 | May 2020
Publisher Information
40(2), D1-D7, (11 December 2020)
KEYWORDS: Aichi Biodiversity Targets, Andes, Biodiversity conservation, impact evaluation, research capacity, small research grants, sustainability agendas, Sustainable Development Goals, montane forests
40(2), D8-D16, (30 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: forest restoration, Broadleaf, Silver fir, biodiversity, planting stock, Black Triangle
40(2), R1-R10, (16 December 2020)
KEYWORDS: climate change, European Alps, LTSER, soil biodiversity, SOUTH TYROL, traditional low-input land use
40(2), R11-R19, (30 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: ecosystem services, economic value, Karakoram–Pamir, Khunjerab, National Park, Qurumbar
40(2), R20-R31, (30 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: agricultural landscapes, animal behavior, Himalaya, human–wildlife interface, landscape management, activity pattern
40(2), R32-R40, (30 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: boundary detection, climate-driven shift, Polar Urals, upper treeline ecotone, spatiotemporal dynamics
40(2), R41-R49, (30 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: caterpillar fungus, commercialization, Ophicordyceps sinensis, Sikkim Himalaya, sustainability, yartsa gunbu
40(2), R50-R60, (30 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: Mountain habitat, livelihoods, transhumance culture, highland rangeland, traditional medicinal herbs, governance
40(2), R61-R71, (30 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: climate change, ecological niche modeling, habitat suitability, invasive weeds, MaxEnt
40(2), A1-A14, (20 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: mountain biodiversity, mountain social–ecological systems, IPBES framework, literature assessment, global change
40(2), A15-A23, (8 December 2020)
KEYWORDS: Biodiversity conservation, landscape approach, multi-stakeholder partnerships, Regional cooperation, transboundary landscapes, Hindu Kush Himalaya
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