VOL. 63 · NO. 3 | September 2015

Articles (16)
63(3), 297-310, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.001
KEYWORDS: Pinus sylvestris, Norway spruce, Sphagno-Piceetum, Vaccinio uliginosi-Pinetum, vegetation diversity
63(3), 311-319, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.002
KEYWORDS: plant phenology, indicator species, climate change, Poland
63(3), 320-332, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.003
KEYWORDS: production of above-ground, biomass, Below-ground biomass, root production, interannual and geographical, variability
63(3), 333-340, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.004
KEYWORDS: desert steppe, fenced, Litter accumulation, plant community, green-up dates, seedling germination
63(3), 341-351, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.005
KEYWORDS: land use type, vegetable cultivation, soil chemical properties, fungal community composition
63(3), 352-364, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.006
KEYWORDS: Salix myrtilloides, endangered species, pollen viability, germination ability, genetic diversity, gene flow
63(3), 365-376, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.007
KEYWORDS: spatial-temporal variation, soil respiration, soil temperature, soil water, ecosystem types
63(3), 377-386, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.008
KEYWORDS: Litter decomposition, soil fauna, Freeze-thaw cycle, winter ecology
63(3), 387-399, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.009
KEYWORDS: biplot modification, Ellenberg indicators, grassland, ecological scale of plant communities, statistical graphs, vegetation surveys
63(3), 400-413, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.010
KEYWORDS: phenotypic plasticity, Ranunculus acris, soil moisture and nutrients, Stomata, stomatal density and index
63(3), 414-423, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.011
KEYWORDS: bait-lamina strips, biodiversity, soil fauna feeding activity, forest soils, vascular plants
63(3), 424-439, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.012
KEYWORDS: normalized difference vegetation, index-NDVI, Precipitation, relative humidity, temperature, Tibetan plateau, vapor pressure
63(3), 440-447, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.013
KEYWORDS: Ophiostoma novo-ulmi, Rosalia alpina, Ulmus, forestry, tree diseases, dead wood
63(3), 448-452, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.014
KEYWORDS: pair bonds, Biometry, mate selection
63(3), 453-459, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.015
KEYWORDS: common ragweed, germination test, invasive plants, soil albedo, soil seed bank
63(3), 460-466, (1 September 2015)https://doi.org/10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.3.016
KEYWORDS: Black-headed Gull, extreme weather, eggs cracking
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